our wedding

our wedding was a true joyous celebration of our lives in Christ. it could not have been more intimate. josh & i put a lot of work to make our wedding personal and our own. we knew we wanted it to be mostly about Jesus, but also about us as a couple. the location was perfect, the decor, the suits, the dress, every single detail did not go un-thought of and it was so special to plan. our colors were grey & pastel yellow, pink, and blue. it was slighty beachy but not too much. we used mason jars everywhere and eclectic flowers all around. it was truly beautiful. the ceremony was hand-crafted by us with the help of our friend Ryder who married us. it was so special for one of our closest friends & mentors to marry us. we wanted our guests to see the love in Christ, and we think that was accomplished. 
here are links to all my wedding pictures & posts.

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