a bigger than big thank you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i need to thank some people. my wedding was absolutely perfect. i mean it. i woke up. was cared for. was beautified. and the scene changed before my eyes- without lifting a finger.

mom & dad- golly. i cant thank you enough. i mean none of it would be possible without your love and support and financially of course too. all my planning and asking. you know- everyone always says the phrase "she said yes" as in the bride says yes to marry the groom. but mom and dad have to say yes too- and more than once. you said yes to pretty much every detail i thought up and backed me up on it. thank you. thank you. thank you.

bridesmaids- caileigh, ashley, katie hardy, katie meehan, jess, & kait. thank you for being calm. and finding what i needed at the drop of the dime. and being there for support. caileigh for endless phone calls and idea searching and that dang ribbon wall construction and for playing nsync that morning. katie m, for my makeup, for your new friendship, and speaking truth into my life and loving me as i am. katie h, for forcing that bagel into my mouth and your endless excitement for me, ups and downs and teaching me reconciled friendship. ashley for your beautiful children who served as the cutest flower girl & ring bearer set anyone could dream of, for 20 years of bickering and playing dress up and all the things sisters entail, kait and jess- my new family of which i couldnt find better sisterinlaws if i tried and for advice and of course for teaching josh how to be cleanly in the bathroom.

support & set up team- katie hackett, libby, stef, alex, & megan. wow i am loved and wow you worked endlessly that day. and it was all perfect. everything. seriously. better than i could have imagined. alex that ribbon wall was a huge task and you tackled that sucker. i didnt see who did what but all i know is that you all loved me in ways i cannot describe. i mean it. and being so calm when asking me questions that day saying "i dont want to bug you but..." and you didnt bug me. at all. i only thought in those moments about the fact that i wasnt down there running around with my head cut off. i was being tended to and cared for. you all were a team- and a really good one at that. all task oriented, crafty, high spirited, and organized women. i couldnt have done it better myself. i cant tell you how thankful i was to have you all there that day sharing with me my ten months of planning and seeing the start of my marriage. i love you girls so much and owe you all so much more than i could give.

boys- groomsmen & friends. for setting up the chairs and tables and providing the man power. and for keeping josh entertained and loved. his bachelor party he still talks about- not too much in detail though- and then that weekend taking him out and loving him and making him laugh. praying for him and setting the tone of the weekend right. for sleeping on floors and keeping the mood light with weird and senseless jokes. you boys mean so much to us.

josh. my leader, my best friend, my love, and now my husband. some weeks i was insane because i plan and craft- this wedding was my thing. and you went with it. you helped in ways i cant tell you. i love you and i am so thankful God ordained us to be together and live and worship together. those ten months were crazy. and sometimes i was (still am too...) but you went with me and planned with me and tried to craft with me. and you are so sweet for that. love you joshua and so excited it all came together- including us.

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