about me

my name is Ally Henderson. or Mrs. Henderson. or Mrs. Hendy.

i am not defined by this world- only Christ. (i must constantly remind myself this everyday.)

i am married to josh as of July 24 2011.
hes the most passionate, loving, & patient husband a girl could dream of.

we both have a passion for loving Christ through relational ministry.

we both are social studies teachers at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, VA.

this blog is a schmorgesborg of goodies.

from home life, cats & crafts, good reads, flicks, and treats & eats, to learning to love Jesus passionately and to how to deal with tough students, this blog will cover it all.

on this blog youll here my heart and about what its like to follow christ while passionately learning to love the life he has given me.

"this is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."
  1 John 3:16

the blog title is a special song to us (my husband josh & i). A Dream For Us by The Appleseed Cast
listen {here}

cause what i feel inside
i dont want to hide
it's you that got to me
its what i want to sing
cause i've got a dream for us
running through my mind
sitting on the beach
looking at the sea
and we're old and tired
and time has made us smile
as we go on counting things
people in the breeze
we're not the only ones
there's hundreds on the shore
looking at the sea
but it's just you and me
if the day never comes
i sink beneath the tide
will you still be with me
or disappear?


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