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Monday, June 18, 2012

so over the past few weeks i have had a few chances to do some thrifting. i love thrifting and making things new. half (probably more) my home is decorated with thrift finds. so when i get the chance i try to go and rummage up some junk to love. one of my goals is to become really good at clothes thrifting. i love clothes shopping. but im bad at clothes thrifting which isnt good for our wallets. i wish i could be like ally mc. mom- she is the best thrift shopper ever.... one day perhaps.

anyways so some things ive scored in the past few weeks:
- NYC ballet company workout dvd. LOVE IT. ($2)
- You, Me, & Dupree. dvd($3)
- The Count of Monte Cristo. dvd($3)
- a black lace/crochet dress. its pretty fancy. ($5)
- oval gold victorian frame ($3) its pretty big and ive got some ideas up my sleeve...

im looking for a suitcase, like a hard plastic one thats kinda small... for something special :)

anyways. thinking about shutting down the blog... cant seem to get into it currently. and the whole picture thing is really making me angry.

welp, off to write this paper. yuck. im done at the end of this week though- thank goodness!


Monday, June 11, 2012

there are no words to tell you how much i loved our trip. i loved everything about it. and we seriously cannot thank his parents enough for the opportunity to travel together. what a blessing and amazing wedding gift that was.

our trip was perfect and it is safe to say i was incredibly sad to leave. i love europe. i loved the food. the culture. being able to speak some french. i loved being with his parents. the shopping. the buildings. the churches. everything was just beautiful. mostly i loved being there with josh. i cried when we left. i did not want to leave at all. i do not think josh did either. but this is reality and i know that we will go back soon.

we were able to go to a lot of places! Mons, Brugge, Paris, Versailles, Waterloo, Amsterdam, Dinant, and Brussels. i have about two million pictures so ill post some separately.

so lets start from the beginning. the flight over went smoothly. although i do not like flying... for some reason it jus seems surreal and un-natural. but it wasn't bad. delta airplanes are sweet.

when we arrived in Brussels we were tired. the difference is 6 hours ahead of us so it seemed like the middle of the night. we sleep and when we woke up went straight to the St Feuillien Brewery. If you know anything about Belgium, you know that they make two great products: beer and chocolate. And both are the best of the best. (although im not a huge chocolate fan) the tour was really cool. they still use the same building and method from when it first started. it was much smaller than i thought it would be. Unfortunately i have no pictures because in my drowsy state i forgot the cameras.... but his parents have one ill have to post later i suppose.

that night we had a dinner party to celebrate joshs graduation and us being in europe. his parents Belgian friends came over and it was an affair to remember. there were a few people who only spoke french and it was cool to try and talk to them.... the hard part was understanding what they were saying. great night.

the next day we went to Mons (after we sleep in for a long time) Mons is a city in Belgium near his parents. a cute little city.

and here is where i stopped a few weeks ago to add pictures. and got a lovely message that said my storage space was full and id have to pay monthly to add photos to my blog. what the heck blogger? i seriously may move my blog because this is so ridiculous.


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