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Monday, June 18, 2012

so over the past few weeks i have had a few chances to do some thrifting. i love thrifting and making things new. half (probably more) my home is decorated with thrift finds. so when i get the chance i try to go and rummage up some junk to love. one of my goals is to become really good at clothes thrifting. i love clothes shopping. but im bad at clothes thrifting which isnt good for our wallets. i wish i could be like ally mc. mom- she is the best thrift shopper ever.... one day perhaps.

anyways so some things ive scored in the past few weeks:
- NYC ballet company workout dvd. LOVE IT. ($2)
- You, Me, & Dupree. dvd($3)
- The Count of Monte Cristo. dvd($3)
- a black lace/crochet dress. its pretty fancy. ($5)
- oval gold victorian frame ($3) its pretty big and ive got some ideas up my sleeve...

im looking for a suitcase, like a hard plastic one thats kinda small... for something special :)

anyways. thinking about shutting down the blog... cant seem to get into it currently. and the whole picture thing is really making me angry.

welp, off to write this paper. yuck. im done at the end of this week though- thank goodness!

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  1. ally, that's so weird you are having a picture storage issue. i never ran into that problem. maybe some of your photos are really huge and took up a lot of your free storage space? maybe some of your wedding pics since they were professional? i am just guessing! also, have you heard of plato's closet? i'm not sure if they have them in VA but they are a secondhand clothing store and take only nicer stuff that is brand name or less than 1 year old, so it usually has better options than your typical thrift stores but the prices are super cheap!


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