Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it has been since the end of july since my last post.  no i do not want my blog to die. i am pressed for time and am actually working on something new... do not fear. i have a growing list for future posts and i promise i will write them all. i love blogging. i love writing. i feel ultra connected to myself, to God, and to people when I write. its when i feel most genuine and honest.

so this long over-due post will start with a little recipe i found that seriously is going to be added to my routine list of goodies to make. home-made chickfila sandwiches. oh so yummy & really do taste the same. except no preservatives, all natural, & they are not fried!

okay i know what your thinking. not fried? no way. but yes way. these suckers are good.

i got the recipe from food babe. i did not vary the recipe at all. do not be alarmed by the marinating in pickle juice- josh hates pickles but these were one of his favorite meals in a long time. tenderize the chicken! it is important!

oh i may also add that these were super easy to make? i did the marinade in the morning and just battered the suckers up, popped em in the oven and voila. chickfila. on a sunday if you wish.

the waffle fries? freezer aisle if you wish... meanwhile ill be hunting an easy recipe for those.

okay last thing: the blog. i will be moving it soon(ish) just perfecting it for now. the question is, what should the name be? lets take some votes shall we?

1. ally henderson- simple. easy. me.

2. a dream for us- our song. we love it. we work on our dream every day. its our life. oh and also google this and my blog may or may not pop up in images as well.

3. white as snow- no not like snow white and the seven dwarfs. this comes from my favorite passage in psalm 51:7 "purge me with hyssop and i shall be clean; wash me and i shall be whiter than snow."  i love the idea that God has given me life and washed me clean and i am pure.

4. the lions remorse- this has been an evolving thought for me. i continually think about this world and everyone struggles with doubt and "what if" and "what about ______" questions pertaining to God. but these things always take me to the nature of humans. we act as if we are big bad tough lions ready to pounce on every thing that makes us wince or stur inside. but in the end we are completely different from lions. because lions have no remorse for their kill. they simply survive off of it. we shrivel in our pride and weaken in our fears. we, humans, are not lions at all. we have guilt and pain and feelings. i am learning more and more that God has really made us so uniquely and set us far apart from any other species.

5. im open to suggestions. any particular post ive written that has stricken realness within you? let me know.

well i am done procrastinating on this paper.


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