it's cold...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

oh deary- i've done it again. been super busy with a whole lot of things and forgot to blog. it's okay though. right now- it is freezing. literally 32 degrees F outside. My feet are cold- they are never warm in the winter. i definitely need a thicker comforter, my dearest father loves to keep the house cold- and not just because of cost, he actually likes it like that. So winters are bitterly cold for my nose, ears, fingers and feet even in the "comfort" of my own home. okay, that's enough complaining about the cold.

Josh wants to move to the cold now. "It's perfect temperature outside." perfect? oh gracious... Maine here I come, with LOTS of layers. We will see where we end up, even if it's cold, Ill be happy. seriously- and i hate the cold. like the bitter windy cold with no snow. And I am sure Ill have my fill of snow within the first frosty weeks. But I have learned something in listening to one of my new favorite songs... "home is wherever i'm with you" Josh changes his mind on a weekly basis on where he wants to live. And it's okay because this son says exactly what i feel. I am home when i am with Josh... wherever we go. It will be home. Because we'll be there together and i love that. so much.

Josh's sister had her baby (finally) this week! She is so precious. we are anxious to get school over with and go meet her before Christmas! Plus the whole family will be there- so Buzz Word throw down is a must. Also, keeping my sis, my sweet niece, my handsome nephew, and brother in prayers. He left for deployment this week. Jay & Savannah say "Daddy went bye-bye on an airplane (he had to fly to San Diego to get to the ship) Their poor little hearts don't understand that he'll be gone for 7 months. My sis is strong though. I know she'll get through it.

I went to visit my best friend in the whole wide world this weekend. It was great- she needed it. i needed it. we needed it. It was a surprise visit too. And she definitely was surprised... she doesn't really like surprises but i did it anyways i think it was a good surprise :) i really hope we live near each other one day. because I love her. and want our kids to grow up together. and i want to take monthly shopping trips with her. and learn to cook and bake things. like cake pops. and have lunches together. and have each other over for dinners. and try to grow flowers in our yards. and go to the beach together. and to see each other be moms. that will be the best. i cannot wait to see her be a mom- i know she is going to be the best ever. and ill be auntie ally to someone else! i love her to death- seriously. i cannot believe that after this long, were still here and when were together, its like we were never apart. It's never awkward. i know God put her in my life for a reason, so we stick together like glue and roll with it. So happy to call her my MOH. thanks Cail for your friendship. It means more than you'll ever know.

Busy week ahead- pre-exam week. I am letting Jesus hold me and carry me through it- otherwise, i'd be down in seconds. So I am prayerfully entering the week in hopes of a desire to succeed and willingness to work. It will be hard but I know if i depend solely on Him- ill make it.

p.s. work crew girls- heard you pushed even when it was hard. im proud of you. you did awesome. love you.

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