rainy days in september...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

so i love the rain... really i do. everyone i feel like always complains that it's too rainy but i can't get enough of it. Something about curling up with a good book (the Bible perhaps) and then watching a movie.

Today, Josh and I ate lunch with my Dad. He loves me so much- I just know it. He is so interested in the wedding stuff, i feel like "normal" dads only look at the bills. But it's more than that for him. He is curious, and wants the world for his baby girl during this time. He is so giving and caring- Love you daddy. Know Ill always be your "squeaky-pippin'-himer."

After lunch, we went to target and bed, bath, and beyond to look around and register. We are still decided on a lot of stuff, but got some done today. Maybe it's a little early for that but the thought of having our own place excites us to no end. I love decorating and while I know Josh is pretty easy-going, he genuinely tries to care and gives his opinions and i love that about him. Really, he is just so amazing. Did Josh really care about what towels to hang to match the curtain we picked? No, not really. But he gave an opinion and he didn't complain that we were shopping for over 2 hours. It was such a sweet time for us.

We went to his house after stopping at the Carr's to get my rain jacket I left last night. I love the way their house smells, their mom (their as in John (Josh's best friend), Katie (legit girl-love her), and Chris(he is funny)) is a good cook, and is always whipping something up. At Josh's I cut up paint swatches and put color combinations together for: the wedding, our future bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. I feel very accomplished about that. It was a good night- despite the flooding of hampton roads. I just still love the rain and lazy days like today.

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