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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Okay so i love my ring- seriously in love with it. It took a week to get it back because I had to get it re-sized. I have tiny fingers- well tiny as in skinny but they’re long. So it’s finally on my ring finger and I love it. 
We are headed somewhere Friday to look at a ceremony/reception site- So excited. Praying that comes through and that we love it. As of right now the number one question is: “When is it.” Well- depends on the venue of course. But to answer the question- mid-july. Most likely (if venue comes through) July 17th- a very familiar date for myself and Josh’s family. It’s Josh birthday- which is funny. We are so excited though!
Also- praise to God that we found a couple to do our marriage counseling! A sweet couple from the Young Life committee as generously agreed to help us through this “getting married” process. He used to be a pastor and they are experienced in doing marriage counseling, plus she is the sweetest women ever! Do excited and So thankful to them and to Ryder who suggested it and set us up for that. 
Thanks for all the congrats, and im sure well update this soon!


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