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Saturday, October 8, 2011

the moment youve all been waiting for. picture time. im gonna post some of my favorites. which ones are your favorites? ill do separate posts because theres lots of pictures and it could get overwhelming. so here goes josh & ally pics plus our "entourage"

** all of these photos were taken by innovatory photography

cutest ring bearer & flower girl duo ever- thanks ash & jason

auntie ally & uncle josh

my personal favorite of our wedding party

those beautiful flowers were arranged by Lucy . they were perfect. all of them.

thanks boys for making josh laugh

josh is legit laughing- i love that. john, are you a 4th grade girl?
 that hand up there makes you all giggly haha

thats mine. hes so handsome.

fellas lookin sharp.

hildy made this face in 50% of our photos. no im not mad.
 i think its actually kinda funny and brings the naturalness to our photos.

not gonna lie- i had HOT bridesmaids.

one of my favs. shes the best... ever.

goin to see my groom for the first time.

one of my favorites.

the hankie reads "josh & ally, july 24, 2011"

i made that starfish... im quite proud of it.

seriously- those flowers are perfect.

blue socks. blue shoes.


so everyone? what are some of your favorites? more to come of course. enjoy. happy weekend. josh and i are excited to see our all our friends coming in for our friends wedding, katie & brandon. and of course cant wait to get down at the wedding ourselves.



  1. the first glance ones are SO sweet. i literally cried for like 5 hours straight that day. j+a= love love love love love.

  2. p.s. girl, the blog revamp w/ the new DIE FOR! i love it.


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