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Friday, October 14, 2011

so ive already told you all about the ceremony- [go to the "our wedding" page on the left to see all the posts from the wedding] here are some pictures to help visualize. i cant tell you how special this time was. how close to jesus we and our guests felt. how beautiful and important it was and how blessed we are from it. what a beautiful day. a beautiful memory. dont ever forget your wedding- no matter how big or small, grand or not, in a church, outdoors, significant building, or a court house. dont ever forget those vows. that covenant you made. every time you fight. every time you wonder whats happening- how crazy life seems. remember this day and particulary this part. this is the most important part. not the reception or the pictures or the dress. THIS part. the part where youre joined together. where you make promises together. i dont believe in falling out of love. i believe love gets hard. and tough. and that sometimes its so hard you cant stand it. but remember this part of that day. in sickness and health. rich or poor. storms and calm. remember how lovely those promises were. dont break them stick with them. there are sometimes josh makes me so angry i cant stand to be around him (sounds harsh- but you all know its true.) and believe me, i can make that boy so angry too. but love is not a fairytale. its not the happy ending, the happy ending comes when you die and are free to be with jesus. love is real and true and wonderful and hard and it is what you make it. put forth the effort everyday to get up and be selfless. imagine what that would look like. to make the lunches when the other is lagging. to make the bed because you know its her pet peeve. to put on the hammock music because you know its his favorite. start with the little things and work hard on the big things. love never ends. it never fails. i truly believe this with all my heart.

i pray you remember this for your own future day or the one you already had. recall it. it was so special.

enjoy these pictures and know how genuine the smiles and tears are.

he sees me for the first time.

wow i am cheesin'

my daddy giving me away

the pedastools my family friend Al made specially for us. thank you so much.

why did i want to get married outside? i mean look at this room & that ceiling.

libby reading us some scripture. it was so special.

reading his vows to me.

reading my vows to him.

"I give you this ring as a symbol of our covenant in Christ."

the greatest love is the kind thats selfless and where you serve with a patient and sincere heart.

salt [water] & [Gods] light.

this was a very special moment. our first prayer as a married couple. 

seal it with a kiss.

best first kiss ever.

admiring my HUSBAND.
 since we did all the pictures before, we were able to snag some sweet time together before the party began. i loved every second of this time.

theres no denying i was one happy girl.


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