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Thursday, October 13, 2011

so i have been meaning to change up the blog. although i loved my old background, i couldnt stand how it made my pictures so little and blurry. so i found the grey & blue stripes and i love it. i love the big header of our first dance together. that first dance was so intimate and sweet and unplanned. so i love that picture- and its artsy-ness. thanks joe & amanda @ innovatory photography. my wedding pictures couldn't have been better.
and while i was at the new header i knew it was time to change all my information. so i changed my name and all the pages on the side. [click the links under "our life"] i am going to try and post under "life in ghent" soon with apartment pictures. i just gotta clean a bit and wait until my big 16x20 gets in to fill the center wall space.
hope you enjoy the new look as much as i do. josh and i are loving life right now- as crazy as it is and busy. we love being together. my heart bursts with energy when i think about our life- past future & present. its crazy to think where we were a year ago. and the excitement of our life right now. and what our future holds. i love that boy like crazy. more to come soonish. still have my reception & honeymoon posts to come. stay tuned.

happy weekend.

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