hard to breathe.

Monday, October 31, 2011

so remember {this post} back in march? well the weight of it all is on our shoulders and this song is more real to me today than ever.

[partial] lyrics:
it's only you and me
we're fighting just to breathe
feels like the weight of the world on our shoulders
if we can just hang on
i need you to be strong
feels like the weight of the world on our shoulders

josh and i have been going crazy lately. everything seems non-stop and when were done with one thing, its on to the next. it all piles on so high and it has been a tremendous weight lately. between school, work, young life, and everything else under the sun, we are swamped. we are both taking 18 credits- which is a lot for us to handle in the first place let alone with everything else. so our "down time" is really just "hurry and cram in our homework time." we even do homework in the morning- like 6 am early. it has all been really crazy. we are pushing through but dragging our feet. we're tired. we knew this wouldn't be easy- married in school working & leading & living away from where we live. but im not sure anything prepared us for this- or really anything could have prepared us. we need some rest. desperately. our brotherinlaw & sisterinlaw, kait & steve, came to visit this weekend and i unfortunately had to spend a large portion doing microecon homework. is was a nice visit but we just wish at some point the endless papers test & homework would end and we could have some quality time together, and with family when they visit. we know it will, but we're aching right now and need a lot of prayer. dont get me wrong- marriage has been the biggest blessing in all of this. doing it all together because were a team. we just need five seconds to breathe and that is not anywhere in sight. well make it i know- just gotta take it step by step in prayer & faith.


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