breakfast at tiffanys.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy thursday everyone. we are off to rockbridge tomorrow evening with chesapeake. i am currently working on trying to get my honeymoon pics up. but i cant seem to find my memory card adapter that was tucked so nicely in my camera case which has disappeared. most likely in the garage. (we dont have a garage per say- but we call our huge closet the garage because it holds everything our garage would have in it if we had one.) so for now i will just be patient and work on the mountain of schoolwork i need to do. that sounds so much less exciting.

as for now i will leave you this weekend with one of my favorite songs. ohhh its so old & random & good.

oh & ps head over to {libbys blog} to vote for little avas rooster sound. shes in this little fisher price animal sound contest. its seriously so cute.

here it is: breakfast at tiffanys


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