Thursday, November 17, 2011

okay so here are some long over-do photos i promised from the photobooth. theyre pretty funny. if you were in one and i didnt post it, let me know and ill send you it stat.

but first quick update. i for some reason have all this spare time today and i am loving it. subbed half day. came home made lunch and took a little nap. so needed. the Lord has answered my prayer sooner than i thought and i am looking forward to thanksgiving and being with my family next week. also relaxing with josh. im going to try and finish a couple papers and assignments so that next wed-sunday is free and it will give us the little taste of freedom from school we have been longing for... then of course we have finals and such and then Christmas and relaxation will be upon us. cant wait for that.

also- did a little vamp up for the blog in my random spare time. im diggin it. grab my button if you care... im not sold on it but its def a work in progress.

**note here: this last portion is kind of mundane and useless to any blog readers... but i need to put it out there just in case anyone has any solutions...

another thing getting me down. my technology issues. my phone is haywire (kinda always has been but progressively worse as time goes on) and although it appears nice and i have kept it in pretty good shape, it is dumb. doesnt send texts when i have service. doesnt always let me know when i have a new text. turns off and on by itself. i mean the list goes on- one time josh was calling and it would only let me speak on speaker with him. i was at odu in the hall so everyone heard our convo. needless to say- i want it. yup. the iphone. maybe it is because a lot of my friends have them. but i love them. theyre reliable. plus who doesnt want to instagram all the time right? ...
but i said technology issues. plural. i cant decide if i need a new phone or laptop more. my laptop is a) a dinosaur b) missing the "B" button so it kinda hurts your finger when you type. c) heavy d) (heres the worst one) doesnt survive but 7 minutes without it being plugged into the charger. its slow and sometimes over heats. needless to say i want a macbook. (yes it did hurt to type that b just then.... and that last one too.) but lucky for me- student loans dont make sense and even though i am not living off my parents income anymore, my financial aid for this year is based on their income and i dont even get enough to cover my whole tuition. if anyone knows of anything i can do about my technology situations- id love to know.

okay the pictures...theres a lot...

steven & kaitlin.
 rob & jess.
 yl committee couples- the ngs & the wiggins.
 brandon & katie NASH. (they just got hitched in oct!)

 my in-laws- this is too cute/funny
 long time family friends- the geers
 some of my favorite boys- one whos my most favorite.
 [no words.]
 just married- being silly.
 cute ladies
 more cute ladies.
 my MD family- known since 1997
 cail & jimmy
 best friend for life
 we coordinate really well...
 the band.
 the in-laws.
 the siblings.
 my beautiful bridesmaids.
love these ladies.

the end. thats the last of the wedding photos for you... enjoy your weekend everyone "this time shall pass" so dont waste it as libby has been learning/teaching.



  1. I flipping love the picture of Josh's parents! Have you considered a macbook air? It's smaller than the pro and super light and a little cheaper. Also, macs are way cheaper at the navy exchange! we got ours at the air force base. :D

  2. I have a macbook air and adore it. I'm in college and carry it everywhere on campus - it is smaller than most of my textbooks and super reliable!
    The only thing is that it does not come with a CD drive because it is so thin. So, you'd have to buy that separately (real simple plug-in thingy). So, if you use the CD drive all the time - I'd get the pro to save $$.
    But, I love my Air. I've had it since last year and no problems!
    "Once you go mac you'll never go back" :)


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