Wednesday, November 9, 2011

so things are still crazy here at the henderson household. school is in full swing and we are still at the daily grind. this past weekend josh and i took kids up to rockbridge weekend camp. it was crazy. we had the best and worst bus driver in the history of yl chesapeake. our bus driver charlie was awesome. the other bus driver from a different company was evil in the form of a bus driver. right off the bat he was nasty and voiced that he was going to have his issues. we stopped in cville for some dinner and when it was time to leave mr. nasty bus driver refused to leave and wanted to call state troopers. [side note. high school kids are crazy. but we have some good ones here in chesapeake and i can assure you although they may have been noisy, they were not bad. this driver was just crazy.] so we were told to leave without the other bus. our bus driver got on and prayed with josh and i for a miracle. it was such a blessing and as we were pulling out of the stop light- low and behold the miracle came. the yellow bus was on his way too. we got to camp super late- 12midnight- and headed straight for club. it was nuts and we were all tired but it was so great. we went back to the cabins and i had some issues- but got to cabin time soon enough and it was great to just sit and talk with the girls about fears and the world.

this fall weekend was special. leading is not easy. and taking a weekend out of your schedule to do camp is crazy sometimes- especially when your week ahead looks nuts. but being in the mountains in the fall is special. nothing beats the beautiful scenery, the falling leaves in the array of colors, the smell of cold mountain air, and some hot chocolate. not to mention spending time with some really cool girls. i felt at peace for the first time in weeks- which was an answered prayer.

we have a little tradit in yl chesapeake for fall weekends. a little girl vs. boy football game. [the boys have to play on their knees- but boys are tough and sometimes its still really hard.] the girls always dress up. one year it was animal print. last year we all wore lime green for libby. and this year we wore pink & yellow to honor the life of Kelly Valentine. needless to say- hickory & gfield girls kicked boy butt and won. it was so sweet to watch and lead some girls in the only thing i know about football- the stretching beforehand part.

libby and ryder made a guest appearance and little ava is so big. i miss them to say the very least.

we heard truth that weekend. about our lives and about God and what Jesus did for us. it was so sweet to be able to share that with girls. shannon hannah and maddie heard this and fell in love with Jesus. i pray they continue their walk and know that it is always going to be as true as it was this past weekend.

so josh and i head into this week full fledged. we found some rest time yesterday and it was so needed. breakfast at the donut dinette down the street. and a little afternoon nap. i prayed for rest that morning and the Lord provided abundantly. im so thankful for that.

stef- a hickory girl who i just love so much.

 cameron shannon and i at the football game.
 grassfield girls pumped for the football game
some of the best ladies in the world.
mirmaid- one of my best friends.


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