our first thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

sometimes i hate when i blog about what i did... its kinda mundane and boring....but this is like this... sorry- i promise it gets better at the end....

 week has been an answered prayer for us. tuesday night started our no schoolwork campaign and it doesn't end until sunday. we have rested so much and we are so thankful for that. after weeks of never ending school & work, we have found time to relax and just be together. it is strange how you notice how much you are missing when you take a step back to breathe and the fog clogging up your life disappears and youre free to just be. thats how its been for us this week. no fog. just us. we decorated our house for christmas on wednesday. it looks beautiful... ill take pictures soon... my computer can't upload right now. white lights over the huge window, a charlie brown christmas tree holding 5 ornaments, homemade snow globe mason jars, candles, and a couple vintage tins. my favorite thing might be the pinecones. we picked pinecones the other day. at the park and it was so much fun. i remember when i was little, we used to pick pinecones. im not sure what my mom used them for but i remember loving it. so now its a little tradition we will do. we spray painted them with sparkles and they are sitting in a bowl with cranberries and christmas tree clippings on our coffee table. i love christmas time. not so much the hustle and bustle and shopping. but the smell and cold and lights and trees.

so thursday we headed over to my parents house for thanksgiving. we ate a delicious pumpkin sausage casserole for breakfast. seriously my mom is the best cook ever. we saw happy feet 2 with my niece and nephew- not the best and kind of a weird plot- then relaxed while the turkey continued to cook. i made thumbprint christmas trees with button ornaments with jaydon & savannah. i miss them and wanted to do something fun with them. they turned out really cute i think. then we ate- turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatos, green bean casserole, rolls, and mac & cheese. for dessert- my mom made a pumpkin rolls, apple pie, and pecan pie. thanksgiving is no joke at my house. my mom made it all and it was so good. it makes me really excited for christmas dinner.

what i am thankful for most this week is being able to relax and be with my husband. not just live and do things with josh but to actually be with him. to enjoy each other. we havnt gotten to do that lately and we have been shown the importance of that this week.

"this too shall pass" has been non-stop running through my mind this week. i saw this phrase on a blog i love called under the sycamore. she put some fencing together and had on it "this too shall pass... be present." i think most people take that phrase as "its okay- hard times will go away." but i love the way she took it. as not just the bad stuuf, but the good stuff too. i realized that more than ever this week. we won't be newly weds forever. we wont be in school forever. and we wont have a first thanksgiving together ever again. it wont always be just us to worry about. this too shall pass. so more than ever i want to learn about and from josh. and just be with him- in the present. in the now.

i think you should too. enjoy the little moments. never take it for granted. and push through the hard ones- never take them for granted. it all will pass. be thankful for today- not whats coming up. so today i am thankful for another day of rest. and im not thinking of the total of twenty+ pages of papers i have to write in the next two weeks. but i am thankful for this day and this time with josh.

happy thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. Not boring at all! So glad you and Jos are able to relax and recoup a little. Just tink only acouple more weeks and more time to make memories. You guys are doing all te imortant stuff the first year of your marriage, Way to go! Can't wait to read te Christmas Blog. Good luck on your Finals! Susan V.


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