i hope you dance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

so ive been learning a lot in this time of crazy busy life. its no coincidence i know- God is using this time to teach me patience and to teach me to dance. so this past march someone told me this analogy for life and it has stuck with me like the skin on my bones. this is how ive been feeling.

most people consider their lives with christ a walk. you always here "how are you doing in your walk with christ." well i cant shake this feeling of a dance. of my dance with christ. and this is how it goes:

so if life is like a dance- you start out in search of the perfect dance partner. this is looking to things like- school, boys, girls, drugs, the american dream, being prosperous, accomplishing things, money -whatever it is youre looking for it to complete your dance. but those partners suck. maybe for a little bit or split second those dance partners feel right but they dont ever work. they step on your feet dozens f times and eventually your toes bleed and you find yourself on the floor.
then when you find Jesus- you find that he is the perfect dance partner. he is it. thats what youve been searching for. the perfect match. and when you start out in this dance with him- its free and graceful and you feel like youll never stop. its ballet and beautiful and breath-taking and feels almost as if youre dancing in the air. its remarkable.
but were still in this broken and sinful world so life is not perfect- even a life with christ isnt perfect, its just easier becasue heres why:
the dance goes on even when you cant. we hit these hard rocky terrains and hills and mountains in this dance. mountains of trash we have to dance over. through crowded forests and through rivers and streams. it gets tough. but we still dance. and it gets tiring. things get hard. and you want to give up. and when this happens jesus invites us to stand on his feet while he dances. like a daddy to his little girl. and then things get harder sometimes. unexpected life. and jesus invites us to rest in his arms at our lowest points. jesus carries us through all of this- the trash, the mountains, the streams. the dance continues, were just being carried by him.

this makes my tears fall and heart burst. its all so real. this life. lately i feel like this season is beautiful- im young, married, and in love with my home and my husband. but its really tough. its beating down on me more than ever. and so were dancing over this mountain. the scenery is beautiful. yet its really tough. and jesus is carrying me the whole way. so im trying to take it all in. and allow myself the joy the Lord offers me.

and so my encouragement would be that i hope you dance. i hope and pray you dance and know who youre dancing with. jesus says, "Come tome, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matthew 11: 28-30. 
who will you choose to dance with today?

our first dance. it was so blissful and beautiful. were still dancing today- its just tougher and jesus is carrying us.



  1. love this ally. seriously. such encouragement! you have a way with words my sweet friend. thanks for sharing your heart :)

  2. thanks liz (not sure if you ever go by that but thats what id like to call you if thats okay...) glad you were encouraged!


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