Wednesday, November 30, 2011

this has been a bit of a crazy week for me- papers and tests galore, everyone is just trying to put a close on the semester. i am tired. but surprisingly in high spirits. i like that. i am not letting anything steal my joy today and i am loving it. not even a paper im not sure i did too hot on or studying my life away for microecon. im excited for hubby to come home from his class and eat some dinner and go to campaigners.

but i dont really want this post to be all about me. this past weekend josh and i ate breakfast at my parents house with my family- pumpkin cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon sausage- the whole nine yards. it was delicous. and the last meal we will have eaten with jason my brother in law for a while. he is in the navy. he got back in july from a seven month deployment. and now he gone for another six months. this is not foreign to me- both my parents were in the navy and they went "out to sea" (as i used to say when i was little) for extended periods of time. jason and ashley are the parents of my perfect ring bearer from my wedding. ashley works at a doctors office. jaydon is super smart and wild and savannah is sweet whiney and sassy. i love them so much. i miss them lately- my busy schedule does not allow for much of any free time. i cannot imagine leaving them for seven months. and then again the same year for another six. another christmas gone. he missed their first steps when they were little, and missed them starting to talk more and more. of course he missed the bad stuff too- like bad behavoir, back talking, and constant trips to the potty. there are two of them- so that means double the bathroom visits, double the sass. but he missed milestones that will never happen again. and that is rough. being in the navy is not easy- i am not in any way trying to make this a political post- but its not easy. you are gone without your family for a long time and it hurts and can take a real toll on a family. you miss stuff when youre gone. the distance is painful.

so im asking you to please pray. please pray for jasons deployment. that he would feel loved no matter how far. that he would stay safe. please pray for my sister- who i am sure sometimes feels like a single mom. please pray she would have strength to make it through the months and that she would develop patience to the learning little ones. and please pray for little jaydon and savannah. that they would think about their daddy often and remember that he loves them very much and that they would be good.

i love my family. i really really do.
doug, jason, and josh... crazy boys.

proud momma after they were born (savannah)

savannah is a daddys girls 

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the happy bride & groom

before jason left for deployment after they were born


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