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Friday, April 29, 2011

i have mentioned about the girl Kelly who passed last thursday when she was hit by a car. i did not know her- i had never even met her. but her life and legacy has impacted me in ways i never expected. i got a text on monday from ryder asking any of the leaders to be at wyld life (middle school version of wyld life) club at great bridge if possible. so i woke up bright and early to be there. it was insane. kids filled the gym to the brim. i have never seen a bigger club in my life.... definitely over 200 kids. they played games. girls were there wearing their cheerleading uniforms and BIG pink and yellow bows in honor of Kelly. friends gathered to have fun because that is how she would have wanted it. a couple of the leaders (they are in high school) have been non-stop with kelly's friends comforting them and just being with them. it was beautiful to see them all there doing what they do. they put together a little video filled with pictures of kelly. it brought me to tears. kellys best friends stood up and said things about kelly and how much she meant to them. more tears. then Katy, kellys sister and best best friend stood up and said a few words. she hardly got through it. my heart ached for katy and her family and her friends the deepest it ever has in that week for for them. i could sense the hurt. katy was so strong though. she told the middle schoolers to call her and they could hang out. oh it was so sweet.
i went to the funeral after and it brought more tears.
losing someone so suddenly and unexpectedly at age 13 is hard. what do you tell the family? what do you tell her friends? i do not know- i still dont. all i know is that somehow we do tell them things and jesus is speaking in that. i do not know why kelly had to leave- i dont think anyone does or ever will. all i know is that christ is in this. katy valentine told me the other night "this whole experience had just made me so much closer to christ, i can feel him everywhere i go." i know christ is in this. i have learned how precious life is. in a instant this world that we know could be gone. life is not a guarantee but an after-life with jesus is, if you accept that. how sweet that is. so put on your heavenly dwelling because this world is temporary. i tent compared to a palace. for that, we have reason to celebrate.


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