chicken biscuits.

Friday, April 1, 2011

no doubt i am spoiled rotten by josh. every friday morning he disciples a hickory guy named zach. hickory is great school to lead at because you can eat at chickfila right by the high school. and every friday morning he buys an extra chicken biscuit and brings it by before school. it is the sweetest. i just know that he loves me because i am that spoiled. thanks j for the chicken biscuits. they are my favorite and the delivery man is even better.

right now i am trying to figure out my federal aid for next year. the deadline is in June but i cannot file my status as married until i actually am married. the live chat person was not very much help. i am not sure what to do. i do not think with my parents income i will receive what i need. there are income restrictions for renting an apartment and our income doesn't come near to it so basically we need some proof of financial aid for me, not to mention i need it anyway. this is frustrating me right now so sorry for complaining. i think i will set up a meeting with the financial aid office at odu next week. i need to get this rolling.

not much to say today so not sure why i post... thanks everyone for contacting me with advice on things from my last post. really excited for this weekend with the chesapeake girls.

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  1. Tell the delivery man that he needs to deliver some chicken biscuits to his older sister! Hope you get the financial aid figured out. Lots of things can be frustrating when you're trying to set things up "before" you're married:) Been there, done that! Miss you guys!


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