3 months & sweet Kelly

Monday, April 25, 2011

it is actually less than three months now- crazy. but yesterday was too good to stop and blog. it was easter and finally the first easter in a long time here in chesapeake that was beautiful. the weather was awesome (josh says too hot, but to me so pretty) we went to church service with my family. after hid eggs for Jaydon and Savannah (my niece and nephew) and then josh ad i were beach bound. we ate popsicles from the icecream man, little lunch at mcdonalds, played with my new rio toy from my happy meal, and got sunscreen before we went. stopped and got lemonade from 711 on the way too (my favorite summer time treat) at 711 we saw a man wearing JNCO shorts.... which is funny. we went to the north end where josh proposed and sat and talked and played and walked. it was so great. i loved yesterday and i loved the time we spent together laughing and sitting and just being. we talked about our plans for august and our excitement to come in the next months as we prepare to be with each other forever. sometimes it is just nice to be with someone- its easy to be with josh. no pressure to carry on a conversation. there are very few people in my life i feel that way about. one time josh and i were eating dinner at wendys and he stopped in the middle of dinner looked at me and smiled. i asked him what he was smiling about and he just kinda shook his head but if you know me im persistent so i asked again. he said "i was just thinking of how much i love you and love being with you. i like that i feel like i dont have to put on a show and carry on a conversation. i can just be with you. youre the only girl i have ever felt that way with." i blushed of course (that is a really sweet thing to say) then i distinctly remember a family of all boys being really loud next to us. but i loved that moment so much and was reminded of it yesterday. easter dinner was delicous, my mom is an awesome cook. it was nice to be with family. at night we hung out with some of the leaders at the boys house and i made rice krispie treats.... yummm.

the day before was also very fun and a summer preview 2011. katie hackett and jess and i sat on her back porch all afternoon, made brownies, listened to britney spears first cd, and played with jess' ducklings. they were SO cute. we drove to farm fresh (with the top down) made dinner and dessert and friends came over after to hang out. it was just such an awesome weekend. i know jesus gave that to me.
wocka- he loved me.
on another note- i am reminded today of life. and how precious it is. i am wearing pink and yellow in honor of Kelly Valentine. a daughter, sister, and friend to many. read libbys blog for an inspiring message about it all.

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  1. It's so strange to imagine my brother saying such sweet things:) I wish we could have gone to the beach...I'm really missing the beach right now! My beach tradition is always getting a slurpee afterwards;) Hope to see ya'll soon!


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