Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so josh and i are in full swing for the semester. crazy how time flies. we have now been married for over two months. how sweet it has been to see the fruit that has come from it. it has not been easy. but it has been so good. we have pushed each other and are learning even more about each other than we ever thought we would. we are so busy. school. i have started subbing now. i can hopefully find jobs every tuesday and thursday. josh has not been able to work because of the rainy weeks we've had. we are still doing fine- but it makes us a little uneasy. as i type this i desperately refresh the subfinder page to see if any jobs have posted. its cut throat. i job will post and with seconds it is gone. it feels good to be working again- really good.

i miss my wedding. ever since i got the pictures back i miss it so much. i miss wearing my dress. my pretty hair. the endless smiles. the yummy food. so many people loving me all at once. i miss it. i do not know how to feel about this. i think most would think its silly. but i put so much work into one day and it turned out to be the sweetest day of my life. and i miss that time. trying to figure out if missing this is healthy or just dumb. i do not know.

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  1. ally, so strange, but you know I've had (sometimes still have) those feelings too, about missing my wedding. it's such a wonderful and amazing time and it goes by in a flash! i think i get these types of feelings when it comes to lots of good memories in life. cause you know what's funny, reading your blog makes me remember our first few months of marriage, the bad and the good, living in the city, and I miss it. so this seems natural to me at least :)


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