Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this weekend was one of the laziest weekends josh and i have had yet. it rained saturday and sunday- all day. and i loved it. i love the rain. as i typed that i remembered i posted last year about a rainy day in september. funny. anyways- friday brought a cold front in and i cannot tell you how refreshing it was. fall finally. and then the rain. josh always works saturdays. but not this one. so we were beyond lazy. cooked breakfast. then katie came over and we went to this new coffee shop on colonial ave called cafe stella. loved everything about it. we made dinner at matts house and watched arrested development- brilliant show i might say. we love it. were even having  a themed arrested development halloween party. pictures will be posted i am sure. sunday we went to church at trinity again and it was so good. we love it there so far and thinking we may have found our norfolk church home. we were lazy again and had an awesome leadership that night. and team meeting.

and the whole time it was fall weather out. i love everything about the fall. scarves, boots, jeans, bundling up, fires, pumpkins, coffee, hot chocolate, football games, holidays, the world series, pumpkin spice lattes, cookies, apples, hot apple cider, foliage. and then theres the smell. yes fall has a smell and i cannot explain it but i love it. i just love the fall and it is most definitely my favorite season. what better way to spend it than with a new husband in a tiny apartment. cant wait until thursday- itll be official.

also what i loved about this weekend was one of my good friends got engaged! weve all been waiting for this one- she dropped the bomb in the spring that they were planning on it. and so i have been waiting. sorry les i couldnt go to blacksburg- but i am sure it was absolutely beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS COLEMAN & LESLIE!

i plan on baking these thursday to commemorate the start of fall... ill let you know how they turn out:



  1. so awesome that y'all are liking trinity and you get to walk to church! jack is still the preacher right? he was so good at our ruf summer conference. and those muffins look really tasty! is that cream cheese in the middle!?

  2. i love fall too! and those muffins look delish.
    lets do lunch after church one day...


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