Sunday, September 25, 2011

so i am going to post wedding stuff soon i am sure- especially because i have my wedding pics now. they turned out AWESOME. seriously- we love them. thanks joe & amanda @ innovatory photography.

apartment living has been great. we love it here. the hardwood floors. the really old windows. everything about it. we love our decor. and couch. and even have found that we make due pretty well with hardly any counter space. we love living here and here are our top ten reasons (listed in no particular order):

1. we walk to church. my yl girls think im so "hipster" for this. but this is pretty cool. we love the church we found and thinking we will attend regularly.
2. we are minutes from odu. josh can ride his bike, and we even take the bus. yup, the HRT. i never thought i would use it but the stop is right outside our apartment and doesnt take long at all to get there.
3. we walk to dates. weve had a few double dates here and birthday celebrations and such. and we meet here and walk to our date.
4. restaurants we can walk to. to name a few: no frill grill, colley cantina, cogans, and stella coffee.
5. doumars. i love this little drive in place, and we could walk to it if we wanted- but usually drive. i get a cheeseburger with a fried egg on top and large vanilla coke.
6. we have kittens. no josh would never allow us to have kittens in the apartment. but there are two apartments on our street that have kittens and they are often hanging in the window. yes i squeal when i see them.
7. carla. the squirrel who built her nest and had her babies right outside our window under the transformer box. we named her carla bc when we first dated i called all squirrels carl. not sure why. but this ones obvi a girl so i renamed her carla.
8. we walk to the grocery store. not when im stocking up of course. but when we need something- like chunky monkey icecream of course.
9. its beautiful here. the craftsman style houses. the old charm it all has. the city feel.
10. we do it all together. we love living here because its our first home and its new and we do it all together here. and we love this part of our new life as newlyweds.

heres the whole gallery of pics for ya: wedding pictures
happy sunday.

p.s. those muffins i posted last time? delicious. i mean like so good. but terribly unhealthy and call for a lot of ingredients so ill probably keep my eye open for another more cost and body friendly recipe. heres the link though. pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

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  1. just caught up on your blog! i'm so happy you and josh love the apartment/city life and are finding your little niches everywhere. we still need to make plans for visiting. :) thanks for the muffin recipe! they look amazing.


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