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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wow- it has been so long since i have blogged. so sorry. but we just got our internet at the apartment. so i changed my name on facebook. and now i am on this blog.

wow. where do i start? i have ten million things to say. the week before. thank yous. the wedding. josh. the moment we saw each other. our vows. washing our feet. our first kiss. favorite moments of the day. the honeymoon. our new home. so ill start from the beginning. i wont promise ill blog everyday- things are crazy. but i will post on fb every time i have a new post.

the week before the wedding. my parents got a beach house in avon, nc. i did wedding things every day. my family came. oh it was so joyous to see them. my cousin melissa her hubby ian and their two sons ethan and ryan. then my uncle bob and cousin bobby. they are all a crazy hill family rag tag crew. and we drank boons farm. went to the beach. built sand castles with the kids (okay maybe it was just bobby and i...) but i loved every second of them being there. caileigh and josh too. it was so much fun. i love family. i never see them. its sad because i love them so much. you truly feel at home and at peace when family is near. and i was oddly calm the whole week before the wedding. my family was there helping me and just being around them was such a joy.

friday caileigh and i headed to manteo to check into our AMAZING hotel. (thank you ten million times over mom and dad.) things got a little crazy that day and the nerves set in. marraige in two days. this whole things ive been planning for months on end is happening two days. i started to feel sick and my appetite was gone. i was hungry- starving- but could not eat but a few bites. it was strange. josh left friday night to head to norfolk to take the PRAXIS II on saturday moring. that made things crazy. but he did it. wow i am so proud of him.

i threw a bridal brunch for my friends & bridesmaids helping/being a part of the wedding. it was alice in wonderland themed. i thought of the idea and my mom ran with it. it turned out so great. the food was delicious and it was so lovely. hope you like your gifts girls- you deserve so much more.

that is all for now. everything else deserves its own special post. so i will stop here and hopefully snag some time tomorrow for another.

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