walking down the aisle.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i began at the top of the stair case- a beautiful entry for any bride. my dad on my right. flowers in my left. and tears swelling in my eyes. along with a smile, contagious i would think. my eyes were gazed forward. i was concentrating on not tripping- walking up and down the stairs was hard. but i looked over and saw all my family and friends. the attention was all on me. i did not mind though which typically i would. i get shy in the center of attention but not today. i was looking for his gaze. i wanted to see him. i had a first glance but could not see his face until i turned the corner and there he stood. tears in his eyes. trying to hold them back. i couldn't though. tears everywhere. good tears. such good tears. thank goodness for my handkerchief. there were over 150 people in the room. but it was just us for a moment. our eyes fixated on each other.it is hard to even explain what i felt in that moment. i was nervous of course. but as soon as i saw josh the nerves went away. i knew in my head that this was the greatest moment i would ever know. in this moment when i look back, i think of myself walking into the marriage with God and his people. i am the people. Jesus is the groom. and i am truly going to a place of peace. and that is the feeling i remember the most as i walked down the stairs to the left into the beautiful grand wooden ceiling room. peace. peace over came me. a peace i cannot explain. i approached the alter josh and i made together. it was perfect and beautiful and hand crafted with love. and we looked at each other and i mouthed to josh "i love you" he said it back. the lighting was perfect. the sun was setting into the room perfectly. and i felt the Lord's presence. peace. peace. peace. it was everywhere. it was as if for that moment in time, there was a peace in the world not seen since before the fall. when times were blissful and filled with splendor and God was ever present. it was like that, if only for a moment. genuinely peaceful.

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