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Friday, August 12, 2011

things have been busy around apartment 10B lately. getting set up is no easy task. it requires lots of trips to the trash cans. and tons of energy. and patience of course. but we are almost settled. hanging up pictures and art work everywhere truly makes a home a home. without a doubt. it is refreshing. we also got curtains which makes everything better- especially with these white walls. a little dilemma though. i finally found these green & white canvas dimask curtains for our bedroom. they are funky. and dont quite match the shams we have. but i dont think they are supposed to... i am not a fan mitch-matchy things anyway- not for myself not in this time. i like a little thrifty look. almost all my frames came from thrift stores- the nicer wedding photo ones though came from tjmaxx.... i love that store. anyways- the curtains..... i cannot tell how i really feel about them. i think i love them- but i do not want people to come in and think "those curtains are way too much and do not match." why should i care what others think? i do not know. but i do. & if we're being real everyone does. i am not a funky person. i love coastal living magazine & pottery barn looks. but i also love anthropologie- a more urban funky look. my bedroom and maybe my kitchen is all anthro. but the living room and bathroom are defiantly thrifty pottery barn (my apartment would never be featured in pottery barn of course... its got a thriftyer side...) anyways. any thoughts on these curtains? (sorry again about the picture quality... lighting is way off too)

amazing headboard. just painted those letters the other day with katie carr. pictures still need to be hung... dont judge.

here they are side by side. too funky?

now onto another detail of the wedding:
josh and i were insistent from the start on not seeing each other until i walked down the aisle. until about a week before the wedding when we realized all the benefits to doing a "first glance" and taking most of the pictures before-hand. a "first glance" is a fancy way of saying the bride walks up to the groom before and they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. so i got all ready. put on my shoes (which were the prettiest wedding shoes i have ever seen.... they were ta-dow.i think i am allowed to brag about that) anyways. my bridesmaids escorted me to the manteo waterfront where josh was waiting, back turned. i hid behind a big bush around the corner to make sure he didnt accidently turn around and see me. i kept peeping out. i could see through the bush the green park benches lining the giant dock around the harbor. the boats with their sails drawn docked along the dock. the beautiful lighthouse in the background. i smelled the salty air all around me and it was then that i new i was about to go home- to josh. i started crying. then the head nod from the photographer. wow i was nervous as i walked down. jitters. butterflies- the best kind of butterflies there are. way better than the ones i had when we first started dating. i was so anxious. i do not know my pace... but i think it was fastish. he looked good from behind. real good. i couldnt wait to see his trimmed beard and adorable suit from the front- those suits were rockin. and then i approached him. tapped him on the shoulder and before i could even blink he turned around and squeezed me so hard. we were sobbing- i am not sure i have ever sobbed and smiled at the same time... not sure what that looked like. ive cried and smiled. but i mean we were sobbing. i cannot explain to you how that felt. how intimate it was. seeing my groom in that moment. [it is the closest thing i will ever feel to what it will be like when i hug jesus for the first time. wow that gives me chills. that day i will be wearing that dress. and meeting the lover of my soul.] josh and i stood there holding each other for a minute. he finally let go and looked at me. he said "you look so pretty." i said "you look so handsome. i love you." he really was so handsome. so glad we did grey suits- black in the summer can be so harsh, especially on a sunny day near the beach. and the tie was perfect  i honestly do not know how i would have walked down the aisle without the first glance- all i would want to do is hug him. i never felt closer to josh before that moment. it will forever be in my heart. by far- one of my favorite moments of the day. not to mention how relaxed i was after that- i was so tense before. it was almost a little affirmation for what was to come & a line from our favorite song- its just you and me.and were marrying each other today and every day for the rest of our lives.

we took our portraits after. and so far- we love. we cant wait to get the rest back. i promise i will get them on here as soon as i can.... photographry cannot be rushed- especially from fine photographers like ours. it'd be like rushing leanardo da vinci or van gogh. more to come soonish.

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