the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

the rehearsal dinner was perfect. i mean that seriously. mrs. cindy, my mother-in-law, was somehow able to pull off the perfect rehearsal being across the pond. it went so well. we couldn't rehearse the wedding at the budleigh- there was a wedding the day before- so we practiced in the yard of these three cottages the henderson family was staying at. the rehearsal dinner was there outside under a tent and was beautiful. the food was joshs absolute favorite- bbq. and was to die for. he found his new favorite beer too.

i was so nervous that day. i remember feeling so much anxiety that day about everything. when stef arrived at the bridal brunch tea party thing she must have noticed that in my  eyes. the stress and anxiety. so she quick prayed for me and it was such a beautiful moment- one of my many favorites of the weekend. it helped to calm my nerves. i sat in the hotel room, wrote my vows and began to put on make-up i normally do not wear. put up my hair. tried to breathe. all weekend the whole thought that kept running through my head was "is this really happening? this is my wedding weekend? no way. im 20. this is unreal." literally it felt like a little dream and i was going to wake up soon.... but i never did because it was real. i remember as i was writing my vows- thank you so much caileigh & katie hardy for giving me some peace for a while.... much needed. during that time i broke down. crying. i do not completely know why. everything was getting to me. so i read some scripture and prayed. and then asked God to give me the words to say to josh. and he did. wow- i mean i dont mean to boast but i loved my vows.

so i put on my cute dress i ordered way back in winter from modcloth. put on my grey toms wedges. thought in my head "wow al, you look super cute. what a great outfit you picked out... wait... this is your rehearsal dinner. ohmy...." and we all drove to the rehearsal together... tight squeeze. funny though. the whole rehearsal was planned SO well. ryder and katie hackett you made it PERFECT. and without a flaw. thank you so much. i am so loved.

then the guests started to arrive and josh and i started with some food. delicious like i said. dinner was great seeing all my family and family-to-be (family includes my friends that were there) come together and be together. it was hot and i was nervous still. kait and steve made this slideshow for josh and i and it was so perfect. we were some cute kids. and then open toasts. thank you everyone. josh and i truly felt so loved. thank you mom & dad henderson for planning this. it was perfect. and then...

the boys brought out a surprise for josh & i. a surfboard. not just any surfboard. a longboard. something josh has talked about getting in the future so he can teach me and teach our future children. you see- josh has two boards. but they are short and very difficult to learn to ride on. so i never have. and the best part? it was shaped and made especially for us. 9 foot. something special about the nose too. the fin on it. what a gift. what a joy. what a special moment that was to see the excitement on his face. he was seriously so joyous and excited- you boys will not know. i loved it too and cant wait to be able to ride it. thank you guys so much for coordinating that. it made us feel so loved. more than you'll know.

the rehearsal came to a close and we got attacked by a swarm of mosquitos. the sweet sweet groom found some cortizone cream and helped the bride (that was me!) and everyone just hung out for a while. but josh and i were able to snag some alone time. much needed. i will never be able to share the emotions and what we said to each other. but i can tell you it will be one of my most cherished memories ever. i love that boy more than anyone will ever know. thanks for a last day of dating everyone.... i was about to get hitched.

MOH & jimmy, B & G

our last picture together before the wedding day.



  1. you looked gorgeous on this day! so happy and lovely and READY. you were ready. despite the tiny nerves and the "oh mys" you were so ready on this day to be josh's wife. your vows were just beautiful ally. you should DEFINITELY boast. the words were so real and raw and i cried so much. duh. from a guest's point of view, this rehearsal dinner was SO GOOD. the minute that slideshow started i fell apart. baby josh and baby ally. you two are going to have some adorable babies in the future. babies that LOVE the sea, whether it's just the creatures or the surfing. haha. there was so much love at the rehearsal dinner! and the food was so yummy, good choice on the bbq. was the beer duck rabbit? cause jimmy really like that too! i'm excited to tell jimmy he made it into the wedding blog. :) love you ally and josh.

  2. Oh how adorable the rehearsal dinner was. I am really happy to have these details here. Anyways, our own wedding day is approaching soon and we are super excited for the day. We are going to host a grand ceremony at one of our favorite rooftop New York wedding venues.


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