throwbacks from dating life.

Friday, July 22, 2011

well. here are some throwback pictures of josh and i while were just little dating college students. here is a walk through memory lane... love you josh....
this was our first picture together. my hairs in my face. nov 16, 2008. there were waves in va beach for once but you chose to celebrate our one month anniversary as an official couple. we went to the aquarium. i loved it. i loved you. we said the "l" word the night before... i remember that moment like the back of my hand. it was so special.
our first thanksgiving together. tessie was a growing puppy. we spent half the day at my house the other at yours. i met your sisters for the first time that day. i was nervous as anything. but excited to be a part of it all.
this was december 2008. we didnt have any pictures together and were bored. so we had our own photo shoot. i love this one bc you can tell in my eyes how much i love you.... wow i love you so much more today than i did then. we were so drunk on love this day. i remember laughing so hard i collapsed and cried.
our first valentines day. 2009 we went colonial williamsburg and walked around. i curled my hair. we drove back to norfolk and ate at the no frill grill- there was no wait which was good because we were starving. it has since become our  favorite restaurant. little did we know we would live on the same street as it one day.
the first family vacation we went on together. may 2009. my dad won tickets to a yankee vs. red sox game at fenway. i invited you. we loved boston. we played the subaru car game to see how many subarus we could find. you met my uncle aunt and cousins. i remember loving spendind days with you and sharing something love (red sox baseball) with you. bliss.
your sister's wedding weekend. june 2009. this was the rehearsal dinner. i bought that tie because i wanted you to match me... but i am pretty sure you hate that tie. but you wore it with a smile. we looked cute this day. i remember going swimming when we got back to the hotel. we played in the pool with your sister and rob and christy and jen. we danced at the wedding and it was the best. you rob and your dad had a blast making fun of me about patrick... you hid him all over the hotel room. thanks for playing games with me.
july 4 2009. we went to visit your sister and watched fireworks at vmi.. or attempted to. it was rained out. but so fun during the day. we bought tyedye shirts.... not sure what happened to mine.... drank lemonade and ate italian ice- our fav. i remember how much i loved spending time with your family. i still do.
disney world 2009. with my family. this was in animal kingdom. you hate disney world. and say well never take the kids there. which may change when they beg you. but you were a trooper. it was hot- which you hate. but we had fun.

our trip to hatteras august 2009. you spear fished. i sat and got burnt. what a fun time. i had never been. there were no waves but you attempted to help me surf. the water was so blue.

december 2009. we were driving after leadership. the temperature was in the teens with wind chill so high you couldnt feel your face immediately when you walked outside. we saw the big red chair in front of brusters and we had to face the elements like bear grills and sit and take a picture. makes me cold just thinking of it. it was so spontaneous and fun. we laughed a lot.
valentines day #2. 2010. i surprised you with a little trip to go whale watching. i gave you a needle the night before. you had no idea why. when you woke up the next morning there were balloons attached to a whale book. you had to pop the balloons with your needle to put together the words "whale watching with me? love, ally" this day was so fun. we saw a whale!

easter 2010. before your parents left for belgium. another fun weekend with your family. we found out jess was going to have a little baby right before this. and now emma is here living it up.
asheville 2010. to visit my mimaw & pa. it was so important to me. so you managed to get off work and come. we had so much fun. a short trip but how adorable are we in our matching patagonias?
i took this picture of you on our day trip to wilmington, nc. we went to the beach. then we at at mellow mushroom. i fell in love with mellow yellow. we walked around the city part all day. but we were so tired, we left at 4 am. our nice dinner at that authentic restaurant. and we saw a wedding there. everything was perfect about that day.

sep 10. what a special day. you asked me to be with you forever. and it was so intimate and personal. right at sunrise. i love my ring. we ate breakfast at pocohantas pancakes. and got tshirts to commemorate. we told our friends and family that day and night at silver beach. in the science lab. i loved that day- i was glowing. i just know it.
our engagement pictures. i LOVE them all. such a special day. it was us beginning everything. i remember how far away july 24 seemed. it flew by.
new years 2010/2011. you came to stay with me and all my susta friends for the weekend. you loved seeing me be with friends- you had never really seen that joy in me before. i loved sharing that time with you- august susta was HUGE for me and god shaped me so much while i was there. i loved every second of that weekend and for you to be there was such a joy.

wow babe. we have come so far. from that first little date to moes where i choked on my food.... to saying "i do" this weekend. it has been crazy. it has been fun. it has been hard. it has been sweet. it has been bitter. but it always been us. i love you.

readers- even if you can't be with us this weekend. we love that you read our blog. thank you for reading. i cant wait to continue this blog from the other side of dating.



  1. Beautiful pictures Ally! You guys make a wondeful, beautiful, and happy couple! I'm so happy for you!! I know you are going to look breathe taking! I hope that everything goes just how you pictured it! I've enjoyed reading your blog and kinda getting to know ya again! Can't wait to read your blog after you guys get married! You inspired me to start my owe blog about Zach and I! Have a beautiful day Ally!!!

    -Jessica Dunlap

  2. I loved walking through the past with you, so sweet! For the first time I realized how genuinely excited josh looks in that picture after you were engaged, look at both of you! Glowing, excited such a precious picture.

  3. so thankful to have watched this relationship from the beginning. we love you all and are in this with you for life. thanks for allowing ryder and i (ava too) to be a part of your life. xoxo

  4. I love this walk down memory lane. It brought good tears, thanks for sharing this incredibly amazing weekend with us Josh and Al. We all cannot stop talking about how sweet it was to see Christ in both of you. I can't wait to continue to do life with you guys. At least for the summers =/ Love you guys.


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