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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the wedding is so soon. its wednesday (well actually its midnight here in avon andi should be resting but instead i will blog) the wedding is sunday. wow. i cant believe it. my parents and i are came to the beach house in avon on monday evening. we unloaded the cars and went to bed.my dad left today back for chesapeake to run a few errands, grab some more things, and pick up my family from the airport. theyll all be headed down tomorrow and i cannot wait! i see my family very rarely and am so beyond excited. caileigh and josh will be here tomorrow too. and we'll celebrate josh's birthday with some yummy dinner and cake of course. plus some of his favorite beer. my mom and i went to the beach today and we fell asleep... but only for 15 minutes and i wear sunscreen so no worries, no burns. it was so relaxing. the breeze was going and i felt at peace. we checked off a few things on the checklist tonight and i am feeling pretty good about everything. tired but not super stressed. i mean, i have a lot to do but it will get done.

today i woke up to a text from josh that said "ally, the lord has truly blessed us." for a second i thought someone gave us a large sum of money or something... it was so out of the blue that was my first instinct. but being blesses does not mean money. i called him and he said he was just thinking about the fact that literally everything has fallen into place for us. financially, spiritually, just everything. everyone has been behind us all the way. our parents never second guessed our decision to get hitched in college. our "spiritual" leaders never have either (we love you ryder and libby and commitee) everyone has shown us such overwhelming support and we have felt so loved- thank you. our finances have been unbelievable too. finding our first apartment (which i am in love with.) joshs school paid off. my school paid off. parents who love us and support us. friends who care for us. still awaiting our health insurance plan to be approved- but im not worried. we will make it. nothing has gone against us. the lord is so sweet to us.

four days until i am mrs. henderson. goodness i cry as i type that. how sweet it is to be loved by you josh. you love me so well... even when im a snappy little brat who whines. you love me. you laugh at me. you tickle me. and you make funny faces at me. thanks for being a leader. thanks for being a peace maker. thanks for your patience. i love you so dearly. i cant wait for this new season of life with you.

throwback pictures from dating coming soon...


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