rockbridge yl camp.

Friday, July 8, 2011

josh and i along with most of our fiends headed to rockbridge last thursday night. rockbridge is a young life camp in goshen, va. i have been to rockbridge a handful of times- but never in the summer. and let me tell you- it was amazing. the camp felt so alive. the water activites were awesome. it had such an open and different feel than saranac. saranac had a ton to offer and id definitly still my fav camp, but rockbridge beat my expectations (which i admit were low) i mean the camp itself- not the week in general. although the camp trip was totally different than i expected too. let me explain it all- this could get lenghty... i have a lot to say.

i dont know if i had ever been more excited for a camp trip before. people thought i was crazy for going two weeks before my wedding. but i never second guessed it. i was more excited than ever to go with the grassfield girls. there was a handful in my cabin that i have been trying to hang out with a ton. they are in my bible study. something about it all seemed so exciting- not all knew jesus, and i watched the spirit move in them this whole year and semester. and i just knew that the Lord was going to do big life-changing things at camp for them. and He did. BIG things. bigger than i imagined. more real than i thought. girls met jesus- and remet him at rockbridge. and to be a part of that all was a privilege and honor.

which brings me to my next point... i was a part of it. and i didnt have to be. but God chose me to do so. and before i went to camp, i do not think i thought about it in that way. i didnt deserve to be there- and i was prideful about it. so the Lord taught me. i got sick (a combination of allergies, less than two hours of sleep in the bus, a hike at 7am, and a FULL day of camp) set me up for failure health wise. my sinuses were rambling and my body ached. then my throat felt like sandpaper and i lost my voice day 2 and 3. this means i could not lead cabin time- luckily the Lord provided a co-leader Ally McConnell to help me lead my cabin. i do not know what i would have done without her. she led cabin time completely once because i could not talk and felt like i was going to die i was so beat. and the Lord humbled me in that. it was not me who is leading these girls to Christ- but rather Christ in US. i learned so much in that.

the week was awesome from there. my attitude changed and everything was totally 100% team effort of Jesus. cabin time changed girls lives. hearing the truth about Christ and what he did for us changed their lives. seeing girls go from not knowing a single thing about Jesus to devoting their lives to him. seeing girls who looked at God as an unrelational being to their best friend. it was pure joy. ally and i stayed back a couple times after cabin times was amazing. girls who were too shy to open up- shared their hearts. it was beautiful.

the cross talk. WRECKED ME. i never felt the Spirit more alive in me than in those moments hearing the truth about what Jesus did and how he volunteered to do it. my expectations for everything were blown out of the water. i loved every second. even when i cryed in the corner on day 2. i loved it. i learned so much. i loved leading along side with libby again. i loved seeing my friends from other schools lead too. and seeing josh with his patience so tested.... he had a group of freshman boys from gfield- they are crazy. i mean utterly crazy. but he pushed and did so great. i have so much to say- i will probs blog about it again.

my cabin- and rando guys who ruined the pic...

"the screamer" with leah & mallory (ironic- i couldnt scream pretty much all week)
rodeo night- macy, leah, olivia, & christine


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