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Friday, July 15, 2011

so my first post today was moving day... and josh and i spent two seconds together. he worked the majority of the day and had prior plans for tonight. so i moved some boxes but had to hang out in norfolk most of the day to meet the dominion power guy so our power can up and running for us upon return from ocracoke. i did get some errands done that was very necessary to do. i will move the rest of my stuff tomorrow (josh has to work again) and josh will move his sunday. then when we come back it'll be decorate & set up time. i am thrilled for that.

wedding: things are falling into place. still stressful- not sure if that will stop. i just made a wedding decor list for some girls who are helping me set up the day of. my friend katie meehan told me about this wedding her good friends sister had. and how she didnt have to bother with the decor and it was nice for the girls to spend the day with them. in my head i was thinking "no way. im a control freak & a DIY bride (menaing no wedding planner)" but as i typed it all out i thought to myself: "self. everything will turn out as it should. things may not be perfect, but when you look back it will be." so i am going with that. ill check up on decor once maybe but i really do not need to stress about it  all day. so i will relax. be pampered. drink orange juice. the whole shabang. and be free. i do not want to look back and think "what a stressful day. but so good" i want to look back and think "what a beautiful day that was." so im making my list very detailed and will go over it with the girls so they know the 411. libby is pretty much a super-hero & i love all her ideas. katie hackett and i are alike in decorating (and shes done this all before at other weddings- so she knows whats good.) stef is the craftiest girl i know. alex has an eye for detail and will keep everyone calm. and megan is a natural leader. i have an all-star team behind me. i think a few other girls will come down and help as much as they can. i love them all.and am so excited to relax and breathe on july 24. i know it will be so so good. i also cant wait for poor richard sandwichs for lunch... yummm.

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