Thursday, July 14, 2011

i say wow for a number of reasons:

1. i've had a million blog posts running through my mind the past week but literally have not had a spare moment to write them
2. i am tired.
3. not so stressed anymore- surprisingly. i know it will all come together bc of how much has gotten done this week,
4. yl camp follow up with girls has been amazing.
4. most obvious wowzer: HOLY COW IM GETTING MARRIED IN A WEEK AND 2 DAYS. (plus a wake up... as my momma and sis would say... navy things)

the list could go on... but well stop there. this week has been non-stop for josh and i. all kind of seperate things. ceremony plans, designing & printing menus & programs, applying for health insurance (have not heard back yet- PLEASE pray this works out), setting up utilities at the apartment (thanks j), packing, a visit from caileigh (who sat with me as i sorted my room. what a trooper), painting a little something for the ceremony, buying gifts, mailing thank-yous, camp follow-up, last minute details. i literally could write ten million other things. it has been NUTS. i was really gloomy on monday- stressed of course but couldn't clear my head. tuesdays quiet time was essential for me to get through this week. josh has worked every day. but has been so great with everything- it has caused a little tension but we worked past that and decided that this week was busy and we're both stressed so we need to embrace it and not argue.... wow- what a great guy. next week, he'll be my hubby. i can't wait for ocracoke. after all this stress, it is what we need. stef, josh's best man john carr's girlfriend, gets here saturday night. i am excited for that- she will keep me calm and is one of the craftiest girls i know so i have saved some last minute crafts for us to do at the beach house in avon. and then my family from AZ gets in tues & wed.... CAN. NOT.WAIT. have not seen them since 2007. then caileigh gets there wed & josh. my two fav people.marriage license to make it offic. oh its all happening so fast. i am excited- and the answer to the question that everyone has been asking: "are you ready"... "YES." we're ready. more than ever.

okay enough wedding. young life. camp follow-up. wow. it has been a pure joy to see these girls go from freshman and sophmores in high school to a community of believers learing with each other. we had a post camp cabin time last sunday and it was so great. girls brought food, shared, laughed (a lot), were super crazy. and all over facebook girls are saying shout outs to petes cave (our cabin name) and how much they love evryone. i wont be able to do anything for the next two weeks but the girls planned a family dinner for sunday. are you kidding me? thats amazing. i see leadership in these girls. and community. and love. and mostly jesus. and i love that more than anything. they're all so excited to come to my apartment in norfolk and hang out. and were meeting weekly. its amazing. i am in awe at what jesus is doing through my leadership position and these girls. what a joy it brings me. last night after the post camp pool party, petes cave went to annas to hang out. love it. love it. love it. love this time in my life. cant wait to be mrs. henderson.

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