the weekend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

this past weekend my mom and i headed up to amherst, va (in between lynchburg and charlottesville)  for a bridal tea his grandma and sister Jess planned for me. it was so sweet. my mom and i got into a fight before we left- but it was left at home and that was good. the ride up was relaxing despite the car sick feeling. i got some wedding things done. we changed when we arrived and people started coming. it was so sweet. none of these people are related to me. only josh. how sweet. they will soon be my family and i cannot tell you how absolutely awesome it is to be marrying into a family that you just cant get enough of. i love spending time with his family and that does not happen sometimes in marriages. sometimes family is an issue. but not for us. i felt so loved by this family i will soon call my own. thank you everyone for coming. the food, the tea, the gifts were amazing. heres some pictures. why this computer insists on having three of these tiny photos- i dont know. and im sorry.


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