the married life.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

so josh and i are busy busy putting together things for the married life. i have been planning this wedding non-stop for the past ten months. and the logistical stuff has been in the back of our minds but its here now. sorting out life is hard. where to live, health insurance, financial aid (for me), credit, the whole shabang. ive been nonstop trying to get an appointment with a financial aid advisor. i finally emailed someone about it because all lines were busy whenever i would call- which was at least 15 times a day. so i have to get that done next week. then there is health insurance- which we really have no idea what to do about. living in america is great, but i think we can all agree that the health care system sucks. unless youre in the military, then youre set. but not us. at least not anymore. so were trying to sort taht out, but first somes the place well live. we have some prospects- one even in chesapeake. so we will see. were praying really hard for that to be off our backs soon. credit- were waiting to here back from the bank. please pray for all this if you read this- its stressful and we often feel like we have no guidance. but we know we do. and we know He is working everything out for us. good thing we both have very supportive parents- wed be lost. thanks moms and dads.
invitations are out- despite the mishap with the post office and some of the invitations were too thick to process with only one stamp. my dad took care of it, thank goodness because i would not have been nice- those invitations took my friends and i a VERY long time to put together.... but theyre out now and i cant wait to get the rsvps.... its all happening. and its crazy and i love it. ...on a good note, justin ryder officially received his papers from the state allowing him to officially marry us. which is so exciting. now its up to us to go to the deeds office and obtain a marriage license- wow. its a month and a half away (plus some change) were so excited. more than ever. i cant wait to marry my best friend, my partner, on july 24. and to go to ocracoke with him. and to come back and live in our apartment with him. to cook meals with him. to travel with him. to live life with him. to do ministry with him. to be a parent with him. to grow old with him. i cant wait. its so close.

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