to my parents.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

today is fathers day. and i cannot say how thankful i am to my dad- the worlds greatest. he has the most patience with me than anyone i know. countless times i call him because i need something. transfer money. need an oil change. need lunch. need pretty much anything and everything. especially with this wedding. i have needed so much. crafts. print shop. and not to mention the big bucks for that dress and the food. but he does it all. he has told me no once in all of this. yup. just once. i am loved and i am spoiled. i do not forsake that. my dream wedding is possible bc of his graciousness. dont worry- i am not forgetting mom either. they both have just been so wonderful in all of this. despite a few fights. i have no patience with my parents sometimes and i hate it. if i could change something that would be it. i do not know why my patience is so low- but it is. mom dad i am sorry for that. please know how grateful i am. i really really am. none of this would be happening if you had not raised me into the women i am today. thank you for long nights when i was a baby would not stop crying. thank you for dress up and tea parties when i was little. thank you daddy for learning to braid and do my hair when my mom was deployed for a long time. thank you for the patience of being single parents when the other was deployed. thank you for my jeep. thank you for your patience in the brat years. thank you for countless dance classes and recitals. thank you for paying out of pocket for me to go to school- you guys are my motivation in school. thank you for my new car. and thank you for your support in all of this. if it were not for your consent, this would not be as fun as it is. i love you so much mom and dad and i promise i will not ever forget that. after all i am your guys little PITA.

happy fathers day daddy & momma happy belated mothers day. you have no idea my gratitude.

my dad on my sisters wedding day '07

my mom and i at a red sox game '10


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