this is true love- you think this happens everyday?

Monday, June 13, 2011

yesterday was full of sweet sweet memories. i knew it would be a great day and i was anticipating it. josh picked me up and we went to church. grace presbyterian. its a fairly new church (a year and a half or so and we like it because its close. it was good. after church we ate at jimmy johns (my favorite sub place ever and a summer favorite of ours) we ate at the one in norfolk. then we headed to the NARO. the naro is a movie theater in the historic ghent section of norfolk. and we love it. its a tiny one screened theater that plays good movies- you know those movies that dont come to regal or cinemark but are nominated for academy awards. those kinds of movies. its old and i love everything about it. its not cheap- only a little less than movies cost nowadays (expensive.) but its so  much more fun than a regular theater and so worth it.
old picture of the naro

anyways, a little over a month ago i saw a flyer that the naro was playing the princess bride- one of my personal favorites. so we set a little date way ahead. and we went. and i loved it- seriously if you have not seen this movie- see it. its the best, pretty family friendly too. its really funny- i own it on dvd. one of the few movies i own on dvd actually. so see it. for reals. heres the trailor
in the movies buttercup asks westley how he knows it will be okay. and he responds "this is true love- you think this happens everyday?" that got to me. cheesy i know- but lately i have been anxious about marraige. whats right and how things will work. its been crazy. but josh and i know this is all worth it because we have the Father's blessing and he will not let us down. we know it will be hard. but we know it will be okay. so i remind myself that all now.

after the movies i went to my first bridal shower. my sister and one of my moms best friends Donna Hardy (her daughter is one of my bridesmaids) threw it. everything was beautiful and perfect. yummy egg salad sandwiches, five different flavored cupcakes, refreshing punch. it was beautifully set-up. i received gifts from women i have known a long time now and it was so nice to celebrate with them. thank you so much ashley for helping plan and mrs. donna for opening your house and helping as well. thank you everyone for the gifts- i loved it all and am so honored. momma & daddy thanks for the coupons- i loved that. again i am so loved. hopefully ill have the pictures soon. i need a new computer really badly- mine wont upload pictures.

we sign on the apartment tomorrow- crazy. we also just bought a couch and a coffee table all for $34. wow- someone asked me the other day if i ever just wake up and think "wow. this is really happening. i am getting married" the answer is yes. and i have a million different emotions about it all. if you would, please keep praying for health care stuff.

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