welcome home jason.

Friday, June 17, 2011

okay so i really need to blog about this. last night as i felt my face i felt little bumps in random places. acne. is it stress? i dont know. ive never really had bad acne. just random whiteheads and pimples but it has seemed worse in the past month and im over it. im really insecure about it- and i will probaly here comments about this from my friends "oh my goodness ally you dont have acne at all!" or "your crazy." no im not. most people just arent that up close and personal with my face so i can see it and i can feel it and i hate it. maybe i am crazy and i maybe nobody sees it the way i do- but on july 24 there is going to be a whole lotta camera action up in my face so i care and i can tell. i want it gone. suggestions anyone? i went a little overboard with the acne cream last night... kind of a bit of a freak out. maybe it will work though- i dont know.

just tried to lay out- fail. my pool isnt ready to swim in (i know my dad has been busy so its hard to get things ready) and its really hot. but my main issue was the wasp harassing me... maybe another day.

 josh and i babysit our niece Emma tonight bc his sister and brotherinlaw are in for a wedding. i cant wait!! we have not seen them since christmas!

on a happy end note: my brother-in-law is home from his deployment on the USS Carl Vinson.(yes- the ship that buried Osama Bin Laden... crazy.) Welcome home Jason! thanks for everything and your willingness to serve. i know it has to be hard to be away from it all for that long- especially my dear niece and nephew. they were so excited to see daddy- they ran up to him and it was so darling. have fun on a little needed family vacation.

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