bridal shower.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

libby ryder through me the most amazing bridal shower last night. the details were beautiful. i mean- really beutiful. and perfect. i am a very crafty person and i love perfecting details with crafts (yes. that means my wedding will be very crafty.) so everything was truly me. it was more than i could have ever imagined. what a blessing to have a people that truly love and care for me enough to do that. my family does not live around here which is hard. but the friends i have here i consider my family. they love me so much. its insane. as i drove home last night the thing that kept running through my head was "wow God- I am truly loved. thank you." over and over. the music (drew & ellie on repeat of course), the decor, the food, the gifts, the games, the laughter and smiles were overwhelmingly joyous. i loved every second of last night. thank you everyone for making it so special. i cannot thank you enough. i cannot thank God enough- i am so blessed. here are some pictures.
mason jars- my favorite.

a few of the greatest people youll ever meet

same people- just minus katie and libby

beautiful drink set up

mason jars. A & J rocks. perfect.

i was shocked walking up. "all this for me?" then i walked in. wow.

pictures of us and a polar bear.

beautiful bunting

the cup should read "the best host ever."

i cried when i read them fyi.

the whole group- beautiful.

thank you libby so much.

i love them.

were funny

katie hackett and our first picture together. that took a while.
if you would like to know how libby did all of this- check out her blog here. it is extraordinary.

also, if you would like, ryder (libbys hubby) had the courage to film around a bunch of women all night and made a video of it all. check it out here.

cant wait to celebrate with joshs family this saturday for a bridal tea.


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