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Thursday, June 9, 2011

well- God works in funny ways. josh and i had our hopes up about a little apartment in chesapeake. it was small, beautiful kitchen, our own driveway, all in great bridge- where our friends live and we we do ministry. but deep down i was uncertain that it would or would not work out. it was confirmed when the realtor said the owners were very serious about a maximum occupancy of one. so we move on from that idea. that confirmed that we were not supposed to live in chesapeake and thats okay. we love Ghent and everything about it. the little  mini-city feel. riding our bikes to the grocery store. walking to get coffee or ice cream or dinner. living near odu. we are excited. so josh put in the application to an apartment. governor spotswood apartments. its small, one bedroom, big old windows, tiny kitchen. all of that- and its perfect. josh got the call today and he is approved for the apartment. the credit check went well. and everything panned out just as God intended it to. so we will most likely sign the lease on tuesday (actually only josh will be on the lease for now because we are not married i did not apply) this is all so crazy. a million things are running through my mind. decor, furniture. i have a million emotions too- scared, excited, anxious, ecstatic. everything. the apartment came together. and i know health care will too. so josh will move into apartment 10 B on July 15. one week before our nuptials. i am so excited. i cried when he called me and told me- just simple tears. but good tears. the Lord truly does provide when you follow his will for your life. we are crazy young people getting married in college and i love that. i used to hate when people would comment on that (refer to this post) but Libby told me i need to own it. and so i have been. although i still cant stand when people say i physically look young- but ill get over it when im 30 and people still say that.

more to come later on my visit to fairfax to see cail- shes the best.

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  1. Hello! I am thinking about moving into these very same apartments! Much like your story, i had my heart set on another apartment. But you are right. God works in amazing ways. How was your experience here? I am very nervous and also excited to see what happens


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