bachlorette party.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

well this week flew by. caileigh came last wednesday night and her time here was awesome to say the least. she came to sheville with me for the first time and i knew she felt loved. that set the tone for the whole week. my friends loved her better than i did ( was grumpy on friday- sorry cail) anyways so thursday we ran around town and got some last minute things for bachlorette party/craft day. then she left to go set up my party. it was amazing. i cannot describe it. she made cupcake bites and cake-pops and we played games. i felt so loved. seriously- i have never felt that loved by a group of girls before. and that showed me so much. if you have read my blog before you would know that being comfortable with girls is hard for me with my past. and thursday night showed me that i have nothing to fear. that the past is the past and that i can move on because i have the best friends in the world. games, gifts, stories, and a little chapter of a book all made it so fun. caileigh you are such an amazing host- if all else fails, consider party planning as a career, cause you would be the bomb at it (wow- did really just use the term "the bomb"...?)
anyways, so after the shenanigans they blindfolded me and made me put on an outfit. a bride outfit. and 80s ride outfit. then all the girls dressed up as well- we did makeup (never wore that much in my life- im usually a minimalist) and teased my hair (which took about an hour to get out in the shower the next day) we looked utterly ridiculous in the best way possible. even libby dressed up- she had a mohawk, and looked like a model. caileighs hair was the size of texas, its already the size of a state but when you tease it, hard to believe it gets even better. everyone looked so good. i loved every second of it. the whole night was about me and im not always too keen on having all the attention but im the bride and that was awesome. we got slurpees and it was funny to see the reaction of people in 711.. when we got to the wave (a gay bar in norfolk) we were the only group dressed up for 80s night. and i liked that. it was so much fun- i cannot describe it to you. it was a smaller crowd that night which is good because it was super hot.

thank you girls for everything that night- i learned so much. honestly. i am so loved. oh and another thing, cail organized a gift for me from everyone. a scrapbook "advice for a happy life" it was perfect. i laughed and awwed and i loved it all. you girls are funny, and i know i am loved. thanks cail for everything- youre the best maid of honor ever and my friends adore you so come visit more often. thanks becca, queeny, katie m, leslie, libby, sarah, jess, katie hackett, ashley, katie hardy, kristin, katie brewer, alex, shannon, and caileigh of course. you all are the best and so near to my heart. thanks for sharing that night with me and thanks for backing me up on my big day in july. thanks to those who couldnt be there- ally, megan, kaylee, stef, jen, jess, and kait. you all are so dear to me.

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  1. i cried when i read this. OF COURSE. i'm always emotional. hahah. i love you SO MUCH al. :)


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