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Saturday, May 14, 2011

this past week has been a blur. it has been long surprisingly- i have been a little sick since tuesday and that has been bad, but feeling much better. josh and i have gone through a ton this week. i have been stressed about wedding things and he has been trying to enjoy every second of his spare time until school starts for him on monday. with me being sick, it did not help. i have been sassy- like really sassy. i do not know where it came from, or why i have been like that lately. i have been on the defensive. and josh has been mean. it has caused a little cycle of sassy and mean between us. and has not been loving at all. that was hard. but we push through arguments and hard conversations where all you want to do is sleep....
and yesterday i felt so loved. he did not do anything in particular. it was bliss. he came over in the morning and we sat and talked. he called me after work and the kindness in his voice was new and refreshing compared to conversations in the past week which were dull. later on when josh got off work, we met up with a couple of our friends, dan and ally, to distract them before their surprise party. we met up with dan and josh at ritas when dan got off work. we love ritas. when ally and i pulled up josh just gave me a huge hug and i felt loved. there is a difference between a little hug with no meaning. and a hug with a lot of meaning. i do not know if that makes sense, but i felt the love josh had for me as he hugged me. a lot of times, we hug just to hug, but this time it was different. we ate ritas (so good) and shared some laughs. we love ally and dan, and that is a major understatement. one of josh and my favorite things to do is go on double dates. and dan and ally are so great- we blend well as a couple. the previous night we had a little dinner party with them and our other friends john and stef- it was great even though we were all sleepy. so then we suggest going to the orphanage (the yl leader boy house in hickory) where their familes and friends were waiting to surprise them. it was so great, ally did not think the party was for her (it is a little belated, but they were both away at college) it was the best. we laughed and made funny faces and caught up with our friends home from college. in the midst of the party josh grabs me and just has the sweetest look on his face and hugs me again. i loved that. doesnt seem like a big deal but it was to me. he text me when he got home and said i looked so pretty tonight. (sorry, i know most people think thats cheesy and unreal, but if you were in my shoes, youd love it too) it was such a great night. i loved everything about it. i felt love.

"this is how we know what love is:
Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."
1 John 3:16

Josh and I have decided to live by this. our love is real. there is no doubt- weve been through a lot. and it is only because of the fact stated in the verse above that we know love and feel love. he works hard for me- [literally] and works hard for patience with me. and i learn to be submissive for him. were a team. and on july 24 well officially be a team forever. i love that. thanks j for making me feel so special yesterday.

oh and about vacation skirt. before we met up with the boys last night ally and i did a little shopping at old navy and platos. i found this little jean skirt that was minty green. for some reason i loved it, even though we were just talking about how not a ton of people where jean skirts anymore. we get in the dressing room and i try this on. oh how i loved it. and i do not know why. it is not that cute- its not really cute at all. but ally and i decided that i needed it- for my honeymoon of course. i would never where this thing out and about, its a little tight and short but this little number will be solely worn for vacation purposes only. i think i loved it probably because i felt like a barbie in it and honestly its a little hideous but im obsessed with it. everyone needs a vacation skirt i have decided. i am so beyond excited for our honeymoon and to where that little skirt.... there will most definitely be a picture posted when i wear it.


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