two years.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

yup- you read that title right. today is our two year dating "anniversary." maybe a trivial little date to some, but not for me. I remember two years ago perfectly. Josh and I had gone on a couple dates and had been talking a lot over the phone. Butterflies? yes. I will never forget the feelings i felt that night. It was a thursday night and Josh and I went to the planetarium. I absolutely love the planetarium- i mean i love it. The vibe and the old school feeling of being in 4th grade again, the smell, the same man who has been in charge of it since i started going in 1st grade. Everything. Josh called earlier that day to make reservations to the planetarium- yes, you would be surprised how many people go- We went to dinner and headed straight there. We sat on the long cushy bench and watched the presentation. I don't remember what i drank at dinner, but i do know that i had to find my way across the room at least three times to go to the bathroom. It is dark in the planetarium may I remind you. Very dark. Did i trip? yes. many a times. But Josh thought it was cute and funny. After we went to the Great Bridge Locks parks to look at the real stars. Disappointment. City Lights ruin everything- so we ventured down route 17 toward NC, passed the bear crossing sign and were gonna go sit in this park. Josh was so sad/angry/frustrated- the gate to the park was closed. I could tell he just wanted to be still and sit with me. Well, I plopped myself down in some grass and said "It's okay, we can just sit here." He looked at me confused... and smiled and sat down next to me. He said "I guess I have never really seen a girl sit on the side of a road in the damp grass. Most girls don't do that." I smiled and said "I'm not like most girls." We leaned back and looked at the stars. I put on his flannel because I was cold- it was a chilly night and the grass was itchy- I remember the smell and how much I loved it. We made it official that night- and two years later, I'm blogging about our engagement story and life. I love it- I love him and I could never ask for anything more. I am so blessed, and my prayer today is that he knows that.



  1. Such a sweet story on the day you guys made ya'll official. =) Seems like you two are perfect for each other!


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