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Thursday, October 14, 2010

well, i think im pretty bad at blogging- but i am going to try and make a conscious effort to be better at it and post a few times a week....

This fall break was good- but needed to be longer. I spent a great time with some of my favorite girls friday night- Mir, Katie Carr, and TMot. I love them... I also got to see one of my new best friends, Katie Meehan, she is Mir's sister who I did summer staff with in August. She is one of my favorites and I always enjoy a good talk with her. I miss her- Lots.

Also this past weekend, my best friend, Caileigh, came to visit. It was the best. We have been best friends since 2nd grade, age 7, and nothing has been able to come between us. Not even a vast ocean of distance. When we were just finishing up 4th grade, Cail's dad was ordered via the US Navy to Italy. Well bummer, bc you're my best friend and we are inseparable. We keep in contact with letters and such during that long three years and until we knew it, 8th grade was rolling in and Cail (that is what I call her, and she calls me Al) moved back to "the states." We hung out every weekend- we didn't go to the same school- and everything blossomed again from there. Then her dad had a ladder accident, thank God he was okay, but he could no longer continue his contracting business. So he got a government job and just as freshman year of high school was hitting, Cail was moving to Maryland. We were heart broken. She had become my best friend again and I didn't want her to leave. However, it wasn't the end. We visited each other like crazy throughout high school- any type of break from school, we would visit. College came around and we chose different paths and it's been hard to visit each other as often as we used to. But we still do and it's NEVER awkward. You would think at first you'd need some time to warm up to one another and get a feel for it, but it's not like that with Cail. We just are and we pick up right where we left off. I love it. I love her. I love having her around and it's always depressing to see her leave, or when I go visit to have to leave. I just got her back and then poof, she's gone. But I know it's okay- because we'll have more visits. Even when I'm married- I know we'll go visit. Because i love her and she has always been there for me. I mean in my toughest times. I miss her like crazy and I really hope and pray the Lord and our circumstances will bring us to live in the same town and city and even neighborhood. We have a dream that our kids will be best friends- whether they like it or not. I truly hope that happens, and if it doesn't, that's okay too. We'll visit eachother. Wherever we are. I know it and I feel it. I miss her too much already. She is my MOH after all (: Love you Cail- you know you'll always be butterfly girl and Ill always be alley cat.

So when Cail got here saturday morning, we didn't waste time. My mom, my sister (the Matron of Honor), Cail (Maid of Honor), and I hit the dress shops. It was the best. I have to admit I was nervous at first! I felt like when I was in the gowns, I was going to break them somehow (how i do not know, they just seemed so fragile.) I found one I liked at the first shop- it was beautiful. I really really liked it. But we all decided that I needed to walk away and at least go look at the other place. After a lovely lunch at one of my personal favorites, the No Frill Grill, we headed to the second place. The service? Not as nice as the other place. Less personable, and friendly. It didn't seemed like they cared- so right off the bat I was turned off. I got into the rooms, got into the dresses and dress #2- I cried. DISCLAIMER: i am NOT  a cryer with sappy stuff like this. Im just not. I never have been- I mean I cry, but for other reasons. Not happy tears of a love movie. This dress, I envisioned myself walking down the "aisle" toward the love of my life. I envisioned his face and what it would be like to be in that moment. It was the one. I knew it- before you know it, everyone was crying- Cail who we have always said has leaky eyes, was really for real crying too. I loved it. We bought it. It's perfect and I want to show the whole world- but not until that day  :)

The rest of my fall break was perfect- spent quality much needed time with Cail and away from it all. We did what we do best- shopping duh.- and snagged some sweet deals in w-burg. Is Banana Republic our new favorite store? YES. DUH. we like to call it Naners.

Also- one more note- my dad started a blog and I can ensure you it is ten times better than mine- it's the sweetest so here's the link- make sure you click to follow him (and me too while you're at it!)

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  1. Story for you:
    I read your blog. That night, I dreamed I was getting married.
    Lesson learned: I'm living vicariously through your blog & wedding planning.

    I love that I can read the excitement in your voice through your posts. Miss you.


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