Thursday, October 7, 2010

so, last night, a great guy from grassfield young life noticed as he was watching me back out to make sure i didn't hit the car next to me, that there was a screw- not a nail- a screw in my front passenger side tire. Thank goodness he noticed- or else I probably would have found myself stuck on the highway today with a flat tire. So, the plan was to take my mom's car to school. Well- so i got up this morning, rushed to get ready (i always rush bc im a procrastinator, and i underestimate the amount of time it will take me to get ready) and find myself, driving on 464, talking to Josh. He asks me, "so you're in your mom's car?" OOPS. I mean a BIG OOPS. Josh was NOT happy about that. It was a disaster- should i turn around? I was freaking out, Josh got really mad. You may think, why would he get so mad? Well- his anger was out of love- doesn't justify it- but it was loving. I know that- he was just so worried about if something happened, it could be really bad. I was crying- he was angry. Oh what a day. I decided to drive into Norfolk anyways- mind you going VERY  slow especially over pot holes (norfolk has a lot of roadway issues- construction and pot holes. not to mention bad drivers.) I dropped my car off at the University Car Care place in hopes that it could be fixed by 1 so I could leave to make it to grassfield at 2. Dropped it off on one side of campus- walked to the far end of the other (btw- i wore new heels today so i could head straight to the highschool for observations- those heels are being burnt tonight.) I was 20 minutes late for class- missed a ton. Took a quiz on things I didn't understand. Oh what a day- My car luckily was ready at 12:40. I drove to the school and just spent some relaxing- much needed time- with jesus. It was real and it was good. Josh texted me and apologized a bit ago for freaking me out. It's okay honey- it's all in a day. I secretly love that he was angry, i know he was just worried about me. but "I'm fine today." (Malibu anyone?) I think very few people will understand that joke- click here.

Love you J- thanks for caring that much...

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