shoes, mom, dad, and laughter...

Friday, October 15, 2010

see? two posts in a row? im gonna get good at this.

okay so- while my bestest friend cail was here, we were shopping (duh.) and stumbled across some shoes. Not just any shows- the shoes. They were perfect. Vintage looking- matched the dress- low heel (who wants to wear a 3 inch heel all day?) I couldn't believe it. So i took my momma last night and we got them (: she loved them too- she said it would look perfect with the dress and matched my style very well! So thanks mommy, you are the best. She really is- I've always been a mommys girl. I mean I love my dad- but not so much at first. Yes- i know that sounds awful but it's true. From the second i was on this earth- i was little miss priss. I didn't want my dad to hold me when i was little. at all. not even when i was a baby and didn't know better. Both my parents were in the Navy- my mom being one of the first women stationed to an aircraft carrier combat ship (snaps for my mom, shes a tough one) When I was two- and still did not like my dad at all- my mom had to go on 6 month deployment. My mom knew that our bond would be broken during this time. I had to warm up to my dad. And i did eventually. My mom was secretly upset, she wanted me to like my dad of course, but she also loved that i loved her so much and that i was such a girly mommy's girl. Well, when my mom came back from deployment, my dad was telling me to go do something and apparently my sassy side came out and i turned around, put my hands on my hips and said "i don't need you anymore, my mommy's back." My mom died with laughter. Poor daddy, i love you- really i do. Let's just keep in mind how old i was and that it should not be taken into account for this wedding :)

 haha. thats funny. i like it when i make myself laugh. it shows a side of me that loves who i am and the women ive become... i will tell you something about myself- i love laughter. everything about it just something inside of me lights up when myself and other people laugh. its my favorite. Josh knows this too- trust me, when im angry he knows exactly how to get me. with some tickling. he doesn't even have to actually do it- he just gives me this look and i lose it. this frustrates me to no end sometimes- how does he do it? when hes mad at me i dont have the same effect. he hates when i try to tickle him or make him laugh. it doesnt work like it works on me. im just a giggly person- maybe not as giggly as one of my summer staff friend Shannon or ShaSha- but none-the-less giggly. I secretly love that this happens though. That i can get over something so quickly because of laughter. i think God made me that way because he knew i would get mad over silly things and that i need some good healthy medicine- laughter that is. So J- thanks for knowing me that well and keep the laughs coming forever okay? I want to be 80 years old giggling at the sight of your frail, wrinkly, old, musty hands coming at me for a good tickle :) love you.


  1. you made me laugh. and i'm obsessed with your blog. no big deal.

  2. shasha- i love you! and miss you duh- wish i cold visit the land of swiss cheese. ughh so jel.

  3. You misspelled woman in the second line of the last paragraph. Just saying since you want to speak proper English.

  4. ARDI- speaking is different than spelling.


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