Friday, October 22, 2010

Okay so last weekend, Josh and I got to catch up with two of our best friends. John Carr and Katie Meehan... love them. On the way there- we ate chick-fil-a. Not a good choice for me right when were about to go on a windy back country mountain road. About 2 mins before we got there, I got sick... really sick. Soory Matt for throwing up in your car- at least i made the bag. I always get nausios on car rides but never have i gotten truly sick like that- Josh didn't believe me when i said over and over "i feel sick- im going to throw up." he siad "it's okay- youll be okay." well i was okay- but i was right. he was right too- i never get sick and always say i am going too- so next time we'll know.

 Katie has become one of my best friends in a short period of time. I am a pretty-to-myslef person. Over the past couple years, I've built walls- and so it's strange for me to have such a close friend so fast. I love our relationship- we are so blunt and real with eachother, and in such a loving way.i need that. we need that- we all do. we giggle- a lot too. which i also need (refer to my previous post about laughter) we're crazy. and i love her and miss her. John has been best friends with Josh for a long time- they are funny together. I don't always get it- but i love watching them interact. boys being friends has always been kinda weird and funny to me- they are just so different than girls, but i love watching Josh with his closest friends. And John is definitely one of them. They joke they laugh and most of all they surf. Josh loves surfing- he really LOVES it. His dream? Living within a short bike ride to the beach, owning a little shack for us to live in (not a crappy shack, a cute humble craftsmen style beach abode), doing ministry with high school guys, and raising children to be little shredders too. OBX preferred living location. So what do i say to that? YES. i'll go wherever he goes- that is wherever the Lord calls us to. He wants to start Young Life in the OBX and i love that idea. He is so passionate about it and keeps thinking of ways that he can raise money to do so. as long as i'm living my life serving Christ with the man i love- i'm okay wherever we go. OBX? yes. Wilmington? sure. NYC? okay. Antartica? uhhh.... okay i guess (haha) seriously though- and thats a part of how i know christ has changed me. The OBX is pretty secluded... a whole lot of nothing and i am not a content person... i mean i get bored easily. But i know that wherever Josh goes- i go, and the lord will alter me and change me to live in such a place. So a big prayer for us right now is contacting people about how to go about starting a YL in OBX... also that First Flight High School will need a couple history teachers in a couple years.

love you J- 267 days.

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