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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello All-
This is Josh.  Well this is my first blog post ever... I never thought I would do this, but here I am.  I am now an engaged man, to a great girl named Allison, who posts all the other stuff ha.  She is alot more on the ball than myself.  Being only 21 and being engaged has been a great experience so far.  Its funny because the way people talk about it they make it seems like its the biggest deal ever, but to me I can just officially say now that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with the girl I love.  I guess its different for girls ha. 
I cant wait for July 24th to hurry up and get here.  It seems really far away, but in reality it's not too far away.  I've been kind of stressing over where we are going to live, etc.... Chesapeake definitely didn't have poor married college students in mind when building residential zones.  I would love for us to live down at the oceanfront, but right now that doesnt seem too practical, as we lead in Chesapeake and go to school in Norfolk.    However, as much as that kind of stuff worries me, what I am most excited about is for the two of us to learn to trust Jesus more and more through our first years of marriage.  Though our young marriage may look like financial suicide, and it may be ha, we aren't going to let that stop us from loving each other the way God intended, which is through marriage.  I have found a great girl that I am extremely excited to make this commitment too, and I'm fairly sure she feels the same way ha.  well thats all I got. 


  1. Marriage was never supposed to be a financial decision my friend. As much as you're going to have to provide for your family, and be responsible with your money, it was never about that. I'm excited to see you and Ally chase Christ together with your marriage.

  2. It may be a small financial struggle but it is worth it! As long as you guys work and work together and trust in Jesus you will be fine!


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