my best friend.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

monday my best friend came to visit. she served as maid of honor in our wedding and did a phenomenal job planning and being there for me... itll be my turn one day to return the favor and i am beyond excited because this girl deserves it all. she planned my bachlorette party and it was absolutely perfect. by far one of my most favorite days of my life. i can only describe how i felt as loved.
she is BOMB at cake pops and cupcake bites. she also knows my deep love for Marie Antionette.

cail (thats what i call her. she calls me al) and i have been best friends since 1997- 2nd grade. we were in the same class for 3rd grade and moved next door to her in 3rd grade. most of my early childhood memories include this girl and pretending were animals in the yard or mermaids in her pool. she moved to italy in 5th grade. back in 8th grade. and then to MD in 9th. but weve kept close and visited. and shes my best friend. and one of the people that loves me best and knows me well. she is also my fashion icon. not only did she plan the best bach party ever, she helped me make the dreadful ribbon wall and pretty much kept me sane during my engagement. she also bought me a pitcher from anthro that i desperately wanted and she knew no one else was going to buy it. she is so sweet.

it was nice for her to visit. she saw our apartment. left us love on our giant white board. and we had the best time.

she is going to be the best mom ever because she is so patient. well most of the time. she sat with me in the SS office for an hour. listening to an awkward women yell at someone the phone half the time. we had fun watching the social security tv and watching awful acting from this guy below and some old lady. the government really knows how to advertise easy online help.

 then we ate at one of josh and my favorite places. its a staple to go here when visiting the area. we also saw al doumar. the son of abe doumar, inventor of the cone. possibly the cutest old man on earth. doumars still uses the first ever cone machine. delicious. i get a cheeseburger with egg over easy on top, fried, and a vanilla coke. for dessert a ringo with strawberry icecream (hot fudge and crushed up cone on top). is your mouth watering like mine when i typed this?

cail sported these all day. i made them for christmas for her. i found some on her etsy favorites and decided to make them for her. not pictured is the purse she got me- my new favorite im going to carry forever.

we went to james harris house to watch the sugar bowl. (although if were being real, we didnt watch any of it... i dislike watching football on tv they stop the clock too much) we hung out with a bunch of our friends. everyone here loves caileigh. i love that about here.

the next morning before she left norfolk, we had to go to the donut dinette. yet another on of my favorite parts about ghent. the best breakfast cooked right in front of you. and the best donuts ever (yes better than krispy kreme id say) so delicious.

her visit was short but full of laughter and fun. i miss her but love that we are in each others lives for so long. and that shed drop everything if i needed her to. hopefully her boyfriend jimmy can visit next time too.

today i got a facial. if you have never gotten one, or gone to a spa, start saving change up for one. caileigh got me this as a birthday gift and i just now used it. oh how i loved it so so so so much.

heres to best friends. the friends that your soul dances when theyre around. i have lots of those friends.

ive been taking lots of pictures with the camera. home photos coming soon. and perhaps a new computer for me?! (YAYYYYY ** ecstatic dancing and joyful giddiness**)

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